Rock Star: Supernova – Week Four

Rock Star Supernova BandWe’re down to 12 contestants. And with the show’s tight editing, we’re getting to see more of the Behind The Scenes stuff back at the mansion. That makes me happy. I know it’s available on the web site, but I’m not THAT addicted to this show. Let’s get to the performances, then:

Lukas is a freaky little guy, but he’s good at what he does. He made The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” into the rock song this show requires you to sing. I just wonder why he chose to sing it with the guitar, when he only plays the instrument in the last 30 seconds or so of the performance. I thought the song lost a little momentum in the middle, but I was likely the only one who noticed that. He’s also full of himself — he doesn’t take criticism well. The other contestants at least fake it like they do. Well, most of them do. Then there’s –

Zayra still sucks. On Ice. It’s ridiculous how bad she is. She attempted Blondie’s “Call Me” but couldn’t manage her breathing at all. She was completely out of breath for the last 3/4 of the song, and couldn’t get half the lyrics out without a huff. She was off key, out of tune, and sounded like an amateur. The blue spandex bodysuit thing was just ridiculous. The band seemed to be staring at her in disbelief during the performance, but none of them really mentioned how poorly she sang. Dave Navarro suggested she start a solo career right now. And when Gilby said something bad about it, all she could do was turn to the crowd and ask what they thought. The crowd’s reaction was hardly thunderous. . . It’s a stupid American Idol trick that fails everytime it’s tried, which is why I think she’s toast this week.

Dana is trying to rock herself up, so she went with Nirvana’s “About A Girl.” She’s been taking lessons from Dilana, and it’s obvious. She went with the cliched scary-eye approach that Marty pioneered last year and nearly every contestant has felt the need to use so far this year. She, too, felt the need to hold a guitar throughout the song. It was acoustic, so I suppose it wasn’t completely out of place. She sounded fine. I’m not really one to judge Nirvana songs, since they do nothing for me. Dana definitely has a great voice, but it disappoints me a bit to see her transitioning into a “rawk star” when she could be a very good singer.

Patrice did “Remedy” by The Black Crowes. I don’t get her. She smiles too much. She has little stage presence. She’s almost sweet. I can’t at all picture her leading this band. She’s not memorable, and that might be the worst part of it all. She has a good voice, though.

Toby came back with “White Wedding” from Billy Idol. It started off as an impersonation of the original, I thought, but it got him back to the ugly rock the band wants. I’d love to know what the band is saying to each other during these performances. We always see cuts to them chatting. Their microphones should stay live during the performances, just for fun. It’s all edited – the eff bomb won’t make it to air. . .

Magni did David Bowie’s “Heroes,” which was the slowest song of the night at that point. He also chose to play the guitar as he sang, something that’s quickly becoming an epidemic on the show. The band didn’t like that for some reason that they failed to explain to me. But he had the best reaction to that: “I didn’t want to put on blue spandex and run around.” Ooh, snarky!

Ryan gets a gold star for the night on Live’s “I Alone.” He has definitely listened to the band. His energy level on stage was cranked up to a very high level. He jumped around and didn’t lose his breath or his vocal. He had Dilana dancing like a freak, although I’m sure that’s not terribly hard for her to do. The ending had a weird falsetto thing, but I liked it otherwise. So did the band.

Hey, did you notice that the writers are getting Brooke to make cracks about her constant readings of the phone numbers to call? How cute — she’s showing a pre-programmed personality now. I don’t think she’d be able to ad lib a thing, though.

Jill went with The Rolling Stone’s “Brown Sugar,” doing her best to rub her body up against guitarist Gilby the whole time. Gilby didn’t like it. Tommy Lee did — what a shock. Her skirt was short enough that the front row must have had a heck of a show last night. (She’s not the first with that, mind you. . . ) I did find it ironic that Gilby called Jill “cheap and weak” for her bump and grind, but never says anything to Zayra about her costumes. (Maybe he does and they edit it out?)

Phil has no chance on this show. He’s a weak-looking geek. He’s awkward to watch. He did the Wallflowers song, “One Headlight.” Lukas looked bored, but he always does when he’s not the center of positive attention. I was bored, and I think The Wallflowers are one of the most underrated bands of the past 10-15 years.

Dilana is amazing. She’s the reason I watch the show. You know each week that Dilana’s performance will always stand out. She’s memorable. She does bizarre things. She’s fun to watch. Last night, it was Cindy Lauper’s “Time After Time.” She didn’t rock it up, either. She kept it acoustic and fairly slow for the show, which was a huge risk. But it worked. She’s just that good. She deserves the encore, although I think they’ll wind up giving it to Ryan or Storm.

Josh did a boring rendition of “No Rain” from Blind Melon. It’s time to go back to the jazz stuff, and he’s promising that for next week. Plus, he smiles too much, and his stage presence is fading away. Jason Newsted clearly hated the performance, but we didn’t see any of his comments.

Storm wrapped things up with “Anything, Anything” by Dramarama. She went for the full-blown scary eyes thing with more free shows for the front row thanks to the skirt. Ah, the glories of rock and roll. . . She’s good, but I have a hard time buying “rock star” from her.

The early bottom three is Josh, Jill, and Zayra. I don’t have any problems with that group, but I do think Phil deserves to be there more than Jill, perhaps. Josh has greatest potential, but he needs to find his middle ground (rock versus soul) before he’s right for the show.

I think Zayra might be toast this week.


8 Responses to “Rock Star: Supernova – Week Four”

  1. EzekielRawlins
    26. July 2006 at 10:18

    Okay, I know all of the contestants were hand-picked by the CBS mucky mucks, but how the heck did Phil get through? He’s consistently awful and last night, I couldn’t understand him through his mumbling. The only ones that stick out for me is Lukas, Dilana, and Storm. The rest bore the crap out of me. But, saying that, I wish they wouldn’t edit the judges so much, particularly Jason, who seems to be almost be cut out completely at times.

  2. Jim
    26. July 2006 at 13:25

    AFter last night, my top three remain Toby, Dilana and Lukas. They’re the only three I can actually picture fronting a band like Supernova. The rest just reek of pre-fab poseur (although Ryan is growing on me week after week). And I can’t decide who needs to go worse – Zayra for committing hate crimes against music, or Phil for once again butchering a song I really liked (first “Cult of Personality,” now “One Headlight” – how did he ever sift through the filtering process, as Ezekiel so astutely pointed out. Props to Storm for pulling out a Dramarama classic, but she’s also a bit on the fake side for my tastes.

  3. Josh Herndon
    26. July 2006 at 13:35

    I have to agree with you Augie. The Wallflowers are VERY underrated. I agree with your pick.

    As for my top three, I have to go with Dilana, Toby and Lukas. Dilana is the only female that I can actually see being the lead singer for Supernova. She is one of the main reasons I like this season so much. I could not stand Lukas the first week, but he has grown on me a lot. And Toby is a natural. Even last week, when the judges were down on him, I thought he did a great job.

    I was kind of shocked at how they criticised Magni, because I thought he did a pretty good job with “Heroes”. I think that Zayra has got to go. I am shocked she has made it this far. She should have been gone the first week. And her outfit….ugh!

  4. Noel
    26. July 2006 at 14:29

    Following Storm’s breathy advice to Tommy to “google” her — which has become my second favorite quote of ROCK STAR so far, after “This is Jill Gioia coming out of her box” — I did just that last night, and now I find her fascinating, and not just because there are arty topless pictures of her all over the internet. Did you know she’s 37 years old? And that she’s been fronting rock bands for over a decade, in San Francisco and Portland? And that she writes a sex advice column in Portland? And that her current band, Storm & The Balls, does piano-driven cabaret covers of classic rock songs, changing some of the lyrics to make them smutty and/or funny? (You can see a lot of them on YouTube.) She’s definitely got a shtick, and though I’m uncomfortable with the way the female contestants keep playing to the band’s horndog side — thank you Gilby, for keeping it real last night — it’s clear that there’s something “meta” about Storm Large’s sex bomb act.

    But I’m still pulling for Dilana and Lukas.

  5. EzekielRawlins
    26. July 2006 at 15:26

    Dilana could sing the phone book and I’d probably listen…there’s just something about her. It seems to me that the judges have disliked Magni from the start and it seems like they look at him like he’s competition. Zayra is just a freak show…and I forgot about Phil murdering ‘Cult of Personality.’

    I still think this is a better show than Idol, even with “Wooden Brooke.”

  6. Beau
    26. July 2006 at 16:11

    Augie, go check out Storm Large on YouTube. She and Dilana are the two strongest contestants by a country mile, if Supernova are really open to a female lead singer.

    In particular, check out her stuff with her band The Balls that’s not her current cabaret show, but her rock songs. She not only rocks, she rocks just as hard as Dilana.

    Dilana’s scary speedmetal voice is fun, but if she were a guy, it’d be unexceptional, since there are a ton of speedmetal singers with a similar voice. Her singing Time After Time was a great move for her, though, and confirms that she and Storm are both lead singer material.

    And Storm’s 6’1″ — any time she wears a skirt, people are going to get a show. At least she was trying to keep it down in front of the camera, instead of trying to anally rape Gilby like Jill “I’m a crazed stalker groupie with a good voice” G. did.

  7. kathy
    26. July 2006 at 20:48

    Dilana ROCKS!!!!!!! I hope she wins. Phil is gay he needs to get out of here.

  8. AUGIE
    31. August 2006 at 18:10