Rock Star: Supernova – Week Three Comments

I watched last week’s shows after my vacation. Some quick notes:

  • Jenny’s departure was predictable. She’s a good singer, but she’s not a rocker. When she tried to be a rocker on the results show, it wasn’t at all believable to me. She even tried the big wide open scary eyes trick, but it didn’t work.

  • I was shocked at Brooke’s outfit on the same show. She actually covered her entire chest. In a t-shirt! What was wardrobe thinking?!? (Oh, yeah, it had an anti-war message on it. Nevermind.)

  • Lukas wears his full rock star regalia even when he’s just hanging out at the house. There’s no such thing as casual clothes for this man.

  • Magni got the encore performance. He was good, but there were better last week.

  • So we’re not supposed to say “Stone Temple Pilots” anymore? Just “STP”? I missed that memo.

  • I didn’t think Zayra’s “Everybody Hurts” was as good as the band thought it was, but it was definitely her best performance to date. I was shocked she wasn’t wearing black spandex, but the white dress was practically see-through, so it was close enough. And part of me wonders if some of my problems with her voice are related to the way her accent shows through the song. Sometimes, that throws me off. Then I saw her last night, and — well, more on that later.

I’ll be back with a full review of this week’s show a little later. Hold your comments on last night’s show until then. Thanks!


One Response to “Rock Star: Supernova – Week Three Comments”

  1. Josh Herndon
    26. July 2006 at 09:37

    Stone Temple Pilots have pretty much had the shortened version of STP from the beggining. I guess it just comes froms the desire to abbreviate everything these days!