Rock Star: Supernova – Week 4 Results

Phil RitchieVoting was up 15%, and singing ability has been ignored for the sake of ratings. I don’t have any problem with the band’s ousting of Phil last night, except that they used a really lame reason to kick him off instead of the outstandingly bad Zayra. Can we just be honest with ourselves? Zayra is still around because she’s better eye candy for the band and the show’s ratings. I haven’t seen such a poor singing performance since Ashlee Simpson’s first SNL visit.

Before we got to the bottom three, though, we had our usual tour of drama through the mansion. The contestants have stopped being nice to Dana, who’s trying her best to act just like the rest of them, but really shouldn’t. It’s not so much that she’s still learning that bothers me, it’s that she doesn’t belong on this show and would be so much better on a different singing show. She’d do well on IDOL, for example. But she’s trying to transform herself for Supernova, which is a mistake. She’s a little girl playing dress up. She’s got major chops, but this isn’t her.

Ryan offered to let Jill grind him anytime, which was somewhat uncomfortable.

But it was Jill who truly dodged a bullet last night. Had she fallen to the bottom three, she would have been out in a heartbeat for telling Supernova that everything in rock and roll has been done already. The band nearly tossed her out right then and there.

Storm Large got the encore. Thanks to Noel for pointing out her website and past associations in the comments yesterday. I looked at her booty-shaking in a whole new light last night.

Tuesday night’s early results had Jill, Zayra, and Josh in the bottom three. Bit Phil and Patrice caught up to them in the overnight voting.

Patrice was the first unlucky one to sing for her life, choosing Radiohead’s “My Iron Lung.” Lukas really likes being the center of attention and lapped it right up when Patrice walked over to him during her performance. Still, I don’t need to see any more of his tongue this season, thanks. Jill looked ticked off during the song. Of course, she was busy pouting for the entire show.

Patrice saved herself with her strong performance. She might have smiled a bit too much, but she still made it all work.

Zayra fell next to the bottom three. Watching her playing to the audience in the faces of the band, though, reminded me of Justin Guarini’s arrogant dismissal of Simon Cowell in the first season of IDOL, something for which he apologized the night after. No, Zayra didn’t apologize. She is, after all, rawk.

She sang Jane’s Addiction’s “I’m Not An Addict.” I didn’t like it, but it doesn’t matter. Every member of the band wants to bonk her, so they’re not getting rid of her any time soon. She’s cannon fodder, but she has her uses for the show for now.

Jill looked like a disgraced French woman waiting in line for her turn at the guillotine throughout the performance, once again.

After Zayra’s performance, Josh got the “All Safe” call.

Phil was the last of the bottom three. He’s a geek. He can’t help it. He has no future with the band. He sang “Smoking Umbrellas” by a group called Failure. That’s not a bright move. Talk about your self-fulfilling prophecies! He did really well with it, though, and the band liked it.

Then, for some reason, they questioned his desire to be with their band and dropped him from the show. I don’t know why they suddenly picked that excuse out of thin air, but they dropped him for it. Phil said it broke his heart, and everyone at home gagged on those words for him.

Phil’s ultimate problem? He doesn’t look as good in blue spandex as Zayra.


7 Responses to “Rock Star: Supernova – Week 4 Results”

  1. Noel
    27. July 2006 at 11:40

    Augie, “Not An Addict” is by K’s Choice, not Jane’s Addiction. (Though that would be an easy mistake to make.) It’s a lousy song. So was the one Phil sang.

    I was blown away by Patrice’s take on Radiohead though. It was like she’d been waiting to be put in the bottom three all season so she could sing that. Did you notice that Storm was dewy-eyed when the song was over? That’s the power of a commanding performance.

  2. Mark Katzoff
    27. July 2006 at 11:45

    The whole Phil thing seemed to come out of left field, but I heard from someone who was at the taping (thanks Stephanie) and they gave me the rest of the story. At the taping, the band brought to Phil’s attention an article where he was quoted as saying he was only in this to promote his own band and he didn’t even like Supernova’s music.

  3. Troy
    27. July 2006 at 12:17

    I like the original version of “Not An Addict” but I definitely do NOT like Zayra’s version (along with everything else that whack-job sings). She does make for interesting TV though, much more so than wimpy geek Phil. Face it, even if they would’ve sent Zayra packing this week, Phil would probably go next week. At this point I think there’s really only 3-4 of them that have a realistic chance of being chosen as the lead singer.

    I missed out on this show last summer, but I’m glad I’m watching it now.

  4. Beau
    27. July 2006 at 13:33

    Yeah, Bobblehead clearly didn’t intend to be a member of the band, which is the point of the whole degrading exercize for Supernova (not that I think Tommy Lee is capable of being further degraded). Zayra is annoying as hell, but she does want to be in the band, even if she has no idea of what kind of music they want to play.

    But really, they could have just told all of the bottom five group to go home and saved everyone a lot of time. They’re all going soon anyway.

    The final four will be Storm, Dilana, Toby and Lukas, I’d bet my eyeteeth on it. If the band is up for a female lead singer, the finals will be Storm and Dilana.

  5. Josh Herndon
    27. July 2006 at 15:39

    Man, I so wanted Zayra to go home! I knew Phil wouldn’t last long, but I would rather have heard another week of performances from him over Zayra!

  6. Jim
    27. July 2006 at 17:45

    I was really torn after last night’s show; on one hand, Zayra, the poster child for ESL, sucks. Sucks and blows, now that I think about it. She should have gone long ago. To watch her act so wounded and wrong when she’s in the bottom three week after week gets really old, really quickly. And Phil – I applaud his selection of a lesser-known Failure song (although it would have been fun to see him try “Stuck on you” ), but he really exudes too much of a post-slacker ambiance to be considered for the winner’s seat. Plus he has methodically butchered two songs I really liked – “The Cult of Personality”, which I don’t think he had ever bothered to listen to before performing it, and now the Wallflower’s ‘One Headlight.” So it was a toss-up; but I can’t for the life of me see why Phil got the boot before Zayra, who’s costume was better suited for SciFi’s “Who Wants to be a Superhero” than this show. Sure, toss Phil next week, but for God’s sake, get rid of Zayra. It’s entirely too painful to watch/listen to her week after week. It’s not even funny on a William Hung kind of level – it’s just awful.

  7. ChrisCO
    27. July 2006 at 23:33

    I agree with everyone!! You’re comments are “spot on” ,as Dave N. might comment. I think Supernova is holding on to Zayra as an easy mark if the ones they like happen to wind up in the bottom three. They would never have to worry about justifying getting rid of her! Yikes!