Big Brother Stupidity

BB7 All StarsLast night’s episode of BIG BROTHER may just show how stupid these supposed “all-stars” are. Not since Marcellas refused to take himself off the block many a moon ago has such a silly decision been made as the lot of them made during the Head of Household competition last night.

Let’s recap some things to properly set this up:

  • There are ten people competing in the HoH contest.
  • Three of those ten are members of the well-known and much-feared Season Six alliance. They have the strongest and largest (total of 4) alliance. As a voting bloc, they dominate the house and continue to grow in strength as the total number in the house dwindles.
  • Mike Boogie and Evil Dr. Will are an alliance of two. Powers of Two are quite powerful, but only when under the radar. (See Jason and Danielle in season three(?).)

So we get to the HoH competition, which includes three paltry members of the S6 alliance. The fourth, James, has to sit out since he was HoH. It’s a simple format: Be the first to ring in with a correct answer to the JulieTron 2006′s question, and eliminate a contestant of your choice. Answer wrong and you’re out.

It seems to me that the chance to retake control of the house from the Season Six alliance has never been greater. They should all jump at this chance.

Evil Doctor WillInstead, only Will eliminates a S6 contestant willingly. Marcellas only eliminates his mancrush, Kaysar, because he was left with two members of the S6 Alliance to compete against at the end.

Marcellas eliminated Mike Boogie. Kaysar takes out Diane. Will kicks off Howie. Will misses a tricky question. Erika eliminates George. Kaysar takes out Erika. (I wonder if she learned her lesson right then and there?) Janelle eliminates Danielle. Marcellas takes out Kaysar. Janelle wins.

If Erika had chosen a S6 alliance member, she might have survived another question or two. Ditto Diane, had Marcellas done the right thing. That’s an extra chance or two to kill the 4-person alliance. There were 10 people behind those podiums. It was 7 against 3. 6 of the 7 blew it, either by not answering quickly enough, or making bad decisions once they did. Idiots!

Next week, it’ll be 6 against 3. The odds are only going to get worse, until somebody in the rest of the house (after Will) wakes up.

And while I’m on this roll: Jase — you weren’t back-doored! “Back dooring” someone is when you intentionally set up a pawn in the initial nominations with the express intent to win the power of veto (agreed upon by a larger group of people) to take that person off the block and replace him or her with the person you really want to go.

When George used the Power of Veto, James had to put someone else up. Jase made an easy target of himself.

And: How long will George last on slop before walking out the door, himself?

Also: Without Doctor Will, there is no BB: All-Stars. He’s the star of this show. Poor Howie.


2 Responses to “Big Brother Stupidity”

  1. Josh Herndon
    28. July 2006 at 15:38

    As someone who liked S6 and still roots for them, I loved the outcome of this HOH! When I saw what kind of game it would be, I thought that S6 would be gone very quickly. Just shows how stupid everyone in the house can be when they don’t think. At this point I think S6 is going to be hard to beat unless some sort of meltdown occurs.

  2. James Dracoules
    28. July 2006 at 19:40

    What I don’t understand is why Big Brother, Survivor, and the like continue to cast people that can’t even do simple math. Why are they all scared of the Season Six alliance when they so greatly outnumber them? If all the floaters banded together at the start of the show, they would have outnumbered Season Six and Chilltown combined.