Secret Big Brother Alliance? And more!

Thanks to Shawn B. for pointing this out. It’s fascinating:

reality blurred + Secret alliance may explain Big Brother 7 drama this week; houseguests don’t want to be sequestered

Besides the alliance of the four Big Brother 6 cast members, there may be a secret alliance of four others inside the Big Brother 7 house. This new alliance was revealed on the live feeds last week, and may help explain the angry reaction of HOH James after George won and used the veto. During “a private conversation … it was revealed that James, Will, Danielle Reyes and Mike ‘Boogie’ Matlin had formulated a pre-game alliance before stepping into the ‘Big Brother’ house,? according to Jam! Showbiz.

James really didn’t have a choice but to nominate Jason.

The story goes on to say that Will and others have said they would rather be kicked out early than be stuck in the sequester house until the final jury votes.

Looks like the All Stars are playing to win or go home this year. It’ll be tough to get the impartial jury if that’s the case. Of course, it might be an interesting wrinkle in the game if the jury gets to see and hear EVERYTHING this year. I never thought that would be a bad thing. If they want to vote on the best game player, let them see and hear everything to determine who was the best. Or let them vote for their friends — that’s part of the game already.


One Response to “Secret Big Brother Alliance? And more!”

  1. Rob Postuma
    28. July 2006 at 20:04

    The worst part about BB7, is that the All-Stars essentially all know each other “pre-game” – so they’re allowed to start playing even before the game does. A lot of the “excitement” ( if a game where you win by essentially living in a comfty air-conditioned house, as opposed to Survivor, where you’re trying your damndest to just not die before the others do ) of the game – comes from people reacting to utter strangers in a non-familiar environment.