Monday Link Dump

  • this new image of The Face on Mars just makes it look even creepier, like a face being pulled out of the sands below it. Weird.

  • The Wallflowers’ Jakob Dylan did the theme song for SIX DEGREES, the new ABC drama. I didn’t watch it. Did anyone else?

  • Ricky Gervais is done podcasting. I couldn’t get into his podcast when it was free. I listened to the first two or three, but that’s about as far as I got. It did fairly well as a pay concern, though, so somebody was listening. . .

  • 1,000,000 [tag]Wii[/tag]s will be available when [tag]Nintendo[/tag] launches the system in November. Why do I still get the feeling that you won’t be able to get one if you haven’t pre-ordered one already. Has anyone here pre-ordered theirs yet? I haven’t, and I’m getting nervous now.

  • Open question to one and all: Are there still Day Traders out there? During the Dot Com boom time, there were always stories of people who stayed at home all day to play the stock market to make their millions. (Or, occasionally, thousands. Or, mostly, lose money.) In any case, with the market not being quite so gung ho anymore, are there still day traders around?

  • Best thing about iTunes 7: When I hit the subscribe button for a podcast in the iTunes Store, it subscribes me in the background and downloads the most recent podcast. In iTunes 6, it switched back to the Podcasts library and logged you out of the iTunes Music Store, where you had to go back to searching around for podcasts again. This is a lot more efficent now.

8 thoughts on “Monday Link Dump

  1. I can’t agree more about iTunes 7. More efficient (this way) and a lot less annoying.

  2. Friend of mine still Day Trades full time. He uses his own proprietary trading algorythm and lives in a big house in Connecticut…

  3. I want to get the kids (and me!) a Wii for Christmas and am a little nervous myself. I want to get one pre-ordered asap. I didn’t get to Best Buy this weekend, but tried calling all weekend and never could get an answer.

  4. I’ve called a few different places (EBGames, Gamestop, Best Buy) and none of them seem to be even taking pre-orders for the Wii yet. The last EB I went to said sometime in October.

  5. I too can’t wait to pre-order the Wii, but will probably be ordering online. I am in the middle of a job search, so pre-ordering at the local Gamestop probably won’t work, since I don’t know where I’ll be in November!

    For what it is worth, no one has taken any pre-orders except for a few at Amazon. The Xbox 360 debacle made all of the companies re-exmine the way they are taking pre-orders, so they are waiting until they get firm allocation numbers before taking preorders.

    You can sign up on Amazon, Gamestop and EB Games for special newsletters devoted to the Wii and they will send out an email as soon as they start taking preorders. I signed up for the Xbox 360 ones, and they actually allowed newsletter subscribers to pre-order before they were available to the general public.

  6. 1 million Wii’s I think will be plenty enough…especially when you consider that most of those who got their hands on a PS3 will probably not get a Wii. The GameCube shipped far less than a million units on the first day and it was easy to get even past the 3rd and 4th days…

  7. I never had that problem with iTunes 6. It’d switch to the podcasts screen, but clicking on the iTunes Store link would always bring me back to where I’d left off.

    But the new system is much better.

  8. I did watch SIX DEGREES and was pleasantly surprised. I almost didn’t watch it, but am glad I did. I think I’ll stick with it for awhile.

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