White and Nerdy

The new Weird Al Yankovic album drops tomorrow. Laugh along with all the internet references in his new video, from the Star Wars Kid to O’Reilly’s JavaScript book. Not to mention Jim Lee’s X-Men, Luke Kirk versus Picard, the Star Wars Christmas Special, and a whole lot of stuff the “outside world” just won’t get. ::sigh::

10 thoughts on “White and Nerdy

  1. I saw this over the weekend and love it! If I can find some extra money, I’ll be buying the album tomorrow!

  2. I was wondering if you were gonna get around to this one. It’s one of my favorite Weird Al parodies yet.

  3. Wow. Just… wow.

    Al’s outdone himself.

    Is it sad that I got every reference and yet up until 2 weeks ago I never had heard the original song this parodies?

    And I’m betting someone’s already deciphered all the math equations in the background.

  4. Woohoo… Been a fan since i was a teeny kid… got every cd, dvd, and whatnot…. Can’t wait… and sad to say i get all the references which truly does make me white and nerdy.. hope they got another twine ball on this cd.

  5. Wow was that Donny Osmond prancing around in the background there?

  6. Not only have they deciphered the math, but the Wikipedia page for “White & Nerdy” actually points out an error in the equation.

    Lots of other stuff there too, like “Yankovic errantly claims that his pocket protector is protecting his pens.”

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