Something to scare myself with

Yesterday’s link dump was post #4000.

Sort of. The number includes all the blog entries that I created, but never posted and deleted. It includes stories that were eventually merged into others.

But, still, I’ve done somewhere just shy of 4000 entries to this blog now. That’s not counting the 750 or so on the politics blog, which gets updated every now and again these days. Overall, I’m pushing 5000 since I started this blog four years ago.

Speaking of which: I missed my Fourth Blogiversary a couple of weeks ago.

Time flies.

Heh, I just looked back at some of those early entries. In #9, I was convinced that Jason was going to win BIG BROTHER 3, and that Lisa was next to be voted out. Whoops.

Let me quote myself from that entry:

“Oh, and Will was entertaining. Will saved BB2 and the entire franchise, particularly post-Chicken George.”

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

2 thoughts on “Something to scare myself with

  1. Congrats on four+ years and 4000 posts. I’m starting up my own WordPress blog, myself; just need to get it moved to a server with a bit more space. We’ll compare number of posts after my first four years. ;)

    Anything you can think of for essential Plug-ins and what not?

  2. Thanks, Phil.

    As for Essential Plug-Ins, I use “Image Browser,” which automates the inclusion of images from your image directory. Gives you a simple and easy rundown of the images in there so you can see them and not just remember file names. WP-Amazon is very handy for grabbing images and links to DVDs, books, etc. Simple Tags makes Technorati tagging much simpler, but I’m not sure how helpful that’s been. Page Navigation makes page-based navigation of the site easier, especially for the current month. Not sure, but the 2.0 version of Word Press might already have this built in.

    That’s what I’m using at the moment.

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