Random Musings on TV Shows

Various observations from some of the TV I saw this past week:

  • GILMORE GIRLS: They certainly do talk a lot, don’t they? The problem is, they’re not having dialogues. Most of the script is spent with one person giving a speech before pausing for a breath while the next person gives theirs. And, ultimately, they’re all going in circles. None of it moves the plot along. I don’t need two minutes of time spent discussing racquet ball for no reason, thanks. Just get to the point, already!

  • AMAZING RACE: Quick hint for all future teams who want to do this race: Always know where you’re going before you get there. Even better, know where you’re going before you leave. I think I have to root for the Indian team, just because the guy wore a MacGyver shirt on the first day of the race.

  • DANCING WITH THE STARS: Jerry Springer is George Hamilton, minus the tan. Tom Bergeron is one of the quickest wits on live television. And I don’t know how Sarah Evans stayed in her top, or how Willa Ford can walk — let alone dance — in those heels. And, yeah, that Lawrence kid may have more muscles than I’ll ever have, but I still have my hair! Most of it, anyway. . .

  • AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL: It’s inevitable: The “conservative” (Southern, young, Bible Belt contestant) will be asked to strip for the camera. The long-haired girl will be asked to cut all her hair off. And someone will hog the house phone.

  • LAGUNA BEACH: “Like, like, like, like, like, like.” Oh, and it’s just “Formal” now, and not “The Formal.” Just like “Prom.” UGH I can’t wait for that reunion special five years from now when they look at themselves and realize just how bizarrely stupid those bug-eyed oversized sunglasses look.

  • BIGGEST LOSER: Not watching it. I can’t commit to a two hour episode every week. Is NBC crazy?

9 thoughts on “Random Musings on TV Shows

  1. In defense of the Great Whoa Bringer, the best thing I ever did was shave my head. I bloody love it.

  2. I must say that despite the two hour episodes, this season of The Biggest Loser has been good. They have only done the two hour episodes for the first two weeks. Next week they move to thier normal time of 9 and go to only 1 hour. I think they were just filling in the two hour gap until some of their other shows can premiere.

  3. Biggest Loser is a good show…There’s nothing more satisfying than having some pizza and beer during the first hour… and ice cream and coffee during the second….

  4. I didn’t watch any of those shows. I’m trying to do a marathon run of Lost Season 2 before next Wednesday. I’ve only ever watched these on DVD so I’m not sure how I’ll like the weekly format (buy the single issues or wait for the trade? That debate creeps into every facet of my life).

    I did watch My Name is Earl last night…that show is the funniest I’ve seen in awhile. (I’m from Mississippi, I think some of those characters are based on my family!).

    Still trying to get to the Heroes premier. Did you watch it Augie, or is that a Pipeline column?

  5. I have HEROES on TiVo, Stephen. I hope to get to it soon, right after I catch up on this week’s BOSTON LEGAL. Don’t know if that’ll go in Pipeline or here yet, though. I guess it all depends on how comic book-centric my reaction to it is.

  6. Yeah, I went to an all you can eat pizza buffet last night before watching the Biggest Loser. I know exactly what you mean derhaken!

    Stephen, there are definitely advantages and disadvantages to waiting for Lost. Myself, I would get too impatient waiting until everything came out on DVD and too woriied about having things spoiled. But then again, watching on DVD means watching it all at once and not having commercials. Still, I love the anticipation as each new episode comes along. Can’t wait till Wednesday!

    Would love to see your thoughts on Heroes as well Augie. Heck, you could post them here and on the Pipeline, for those who may only see one or the other column.

  7. The day when Gilmore Girls just starts getting to the point is the day I stop watching it.

    That’s kinda the point…(sigh)…of GG.

  8. I can’t fathom anyone who likes Lost being able to wait for the DVD.

    See, the DVD is for RE-watching the show, not initial watching!

    Seriously, though, I do enjoy the anticipation each week, waiting for each episode. I would wager than in an average week, I spend as much time being a dork and thining about the episode coming up as I do actually watching it on Wed night.

    It’ll get easier this season, too, because there’s not going to be any repeats. 6 episodes in a row starting next week, then 17 episodes in a row from Jan to May. I’s like that.

  9. Well, it was an unusual situation actually. I had gone on a cable/reality TV boycott for a couple of years. I wasn’t watching TV out of frustration of being sick and tired of watching idiots argue for hours. I cancelled cable and it was during this time that Lost started. I got the dvd’s when they came out and plowed through them.

    I got cable again sometime towards the end of the second season but I refused to watch any without having seen them all and being able to see them in order, thus I waited for the dvd’s again.

    Now, I’m plowing through those (6 episodes in as of last night with a marathon viewing coming up this weekend) so that I CAN watch season three weekly.

    Not sure why I felt the need to justify myself, anything to waste some time on a Friday I suppose. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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