Friday Link Dump

  • Marmaduke explained. Your Must Click link of the week for finding humor in humorless comic strips.

  • There’s a bit of a problem using the remote on the TiVo3s in combination with a plasma screen TV. The screen interferes with the remote’s signal, rendering it nearly useless. Whoops.

  • The attractiveness scale.

  • The Mona Lisa in infrared! Did DaVinci change her mind on her wardrobe, halfway through the painting?

  • How Google News got started. Interesting.

  • One man’s Top 10 Weird Al Videos list. I’m not entirely sure I agree with it, but they’re all fine videos. I’d need to look at my complete Al DVD to see what it might be missing. But he has the videos linked via YouTube so you can watch them all today. That’s cool.

One thought on “Friday Link Dump

  1. That “Marmaduke Explained” is pretty funny. I think this is clearly a service which is needed for many, many comic strips.

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