Funniest show on TV?

Boston Legal: Season 2 (7pc)I watched this week’s episodes of THE OFFICE and BOSTON LEGAL back-to-back last night. As great as THE OFFICE is, I think LEGAL is the funnier show. I laughed straight through it. The season premiere was a little silly, I thought, but this second episode was classic.

Craig Bierko‘s Jeffrey Coho is a great addition to the cast, providing us with a new Alan Shore type, as Shore’s outrageousness of the past couple of seasons has had to be toned down. (He’s growing as a person, you know.) Coho manages to spit out more dialogue per minute than most characters from THE GILMORE GIRLS or WEST WING. Plus, he’s just outrageous and cocky enough to make for a fun time. He might be a little cartoonish and over the top, but that’s OK. I enjoy the broadness of his character. There are enough serious legal dramas in the television dust bin already.

William Shatner’s fourth wall smashing dialogue in the opening was hilarious for me, but I’m sure others won’t approve. I direct you to yesterday’s link dump for more thoughts on that.

And, of course, we have an on-going case that piques my interest. I wonder how long it’ll be before Kelley writes his Nancy Grace-like character into a storyline not unlike what happened to her in real life recently, where a guest committed suicide after the show. I bet we’ll see that by January.

In January, we’ll also get to see how funny SCRUBS is planning on being this year. Can it compete with these two? It’ll be tricky.

4 thoughts on “Funniest show on TV?

  1. Coho is badly needed because this show lost all its teeth. I used LOVE to watch just to see what Shore would do next. He’s become so gallant he’s a snooze now. Denny Crane is no longer a force of nature being brought down by declining faculties. He’s just a loon.

    Bierko’s character makes me want to watch one more episode…

  2. Damn you Augie! I gave up on Boston Legal after the first 6+ eps of Season 1. All your praise has piqued my interest again and I’m going to give it a shot again on my flight to Japan next week.

  3. It IS a David E Kelley show — they tend to burn very brightly and die just as quickly afterwards. After the second or third season (the Hook Lady season) of BOSTON PUBLIC, it wasn’t even worth watching anymore. This is a key year for BOSTON LEGAL. If Coho can save the show, then I’m all for it.

  4. I didn’t see BOSTON LEGAL, but last night’s THE OFFICE was nowhere near as good as last week’s season premiere.

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