It’s the end of an era

Life — daytime television, at least — will never be the same.

My Way News – Bob Barker Retiring After 50 Years on TV

Bob Barker is heading toward his last showcase, his final “Come on down.” The silver-haired daytime-TV icon is retiring in June, he told The Associated Press Tuesday. “I will be 83 years old on December 12,” he said, “and I’ve decided to retire while I’m still young.” He’ll hang up his microphone after 35 years as the host of “The Price Is Right” and 50 years overall in television.
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Little alien bought by big publisher

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Breaking News: Condé Nast/Wired Acquires Reddit

We just received confirmation that Condé Nast, owner of Wired and other magazines/websites, acquired Boston-based Reddit earlier this morning, and will make the announcement later today. The price is not being disclosed.

I didn’t see this one coming.  Congrats to the Reddit guys, from whom I’ve stolen many a link over the years.

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Gentlemen, start your engines!

It’s been a while since the last entry in this series, hasn’t it?

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe Split –

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe have separated. The couple’s rep released a statement to TMZ Monday morning that says “We are saddened to announce that Reese & Ryan have decided to formally separate. They remain committed to their family and we ask that you please respect their privacy and the safety of their children at this time.”

(Thanks, Tim, for pointing this one out to me!)

More Wii Goodness

Wii controller and console

New Releases, 31 October 2006

This week’s listings are brought you by me! That’s right, I’m selling DVDs on eBay this week. There’s a decent selection of discs that nobody has been on yet for less than $5. That includes SAMURAI JACK, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, RUNDOWN, APOLLO 13, and more.

Now onto the DVD releases for this week:

Full release list.

My highlights:

  • Barry Manilow: First and Farewell
  • Bob Dylan: The 1966 World Tour: The Home Movies
  • Paul Mccartney: Space Within Us

Music for all sorts of Baby Boomers.

  • Ellen: The Complete Series Megaset (14-disc set)
  • Six Feet Under: The Complete Series (25-disc set)

Christmas is coming. And what better way to prank the person in your family who repeatedly gives you stale fruit cakes than by giving him or her 14 discs’ worth of ELLEN?

  • Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America (2006)

Hey, it’s Halloween. Who am I to judge?

  • George Burns: The TV Specials Collection (4-disc set)

I imagine there’s a lot of cool stuff in there.

  • It’s a Wonderful Life: 60th Anniversary Edition (1946)

This would be my Unnecessary Special Edition of the Week, but I don’t think it’s completely unnecessary. I don’t remember six other previous releases of this timeless classic that I’ve never sat all the way through. So I’ll let it pass.

  • The Kids in the Hall: Season Five

If I don’t mention it here, I’ll be castigated in the comments, I know.

  • The Making of Miss Saigon

I don’t know why this is suddenly being released, but I figure you Broadway fans might be interested.

Mission - Impossible III (Two-Disc Special Collector\'s Edition)

  • Mission: Impossible III: Collector’s Edition (2-disc set) (2006) (Oct. 30)

It’s TOM CRUISE! He’s SO DREAMY! I do admit that I’d like to see this movie, having missed it in the theaters completely.

  • Speed Racer: Vol. 5

This is a text book case of how to stretch out a not-terribly-long run of a TV series into as many boxed sets as possible.

Coming up next week: WORDPLAY: The movie all about crossword puzzles is coming to DVD! So is Pixar’s CARS, the next edition of JAMES BOND movie collections, and the 20th anniversary edition of TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE. Christmas is coming, and the DVD industry is starting to pack the shelves.

Leopard shipping early?

Mac News: Commentary: Under IBM’s Hood, Oracle’s Linux Move, Apple’s Vista Surprise

Speaking of scary battles; based on the chatter I’m seeing it appears very likely that Apple is preparing a little surprise for Microsoft at MacWorld which happens at the same time as the Consumer Electronics Show in January. While Microsoft and partners will be talking about Vista in advance of the launch of that product at CES, Apple, along with Intel, will be launching Apple’s version of the Media Center with iTV and Leopard. That’s right — Leopard. It looks like this puppy is nearly ready if I’m reading the signs right — and Apple is clearly setting up for something big.

File this under unsubstantiated rumor, but it would be cool.

Tuesday Link Dump

Best Buy Wii Inventory?

File this under rumor, but interesting, nonetheless: Forums – Tentative Best Buy Wii Inventory

After taking an average of diverse locations directly from Best Buy’s retail stock system(RSS) the total number units indicated is aprroximately 80-90 units. this ranges from 120 in the more popular stores to just 24 in bufu. not only that, but games such as red steel will be roughly 60 in number, and trauma center 30. these are just PRELIMINARY, that is the very first order for all stores.

He goes on to say that Best Buy should have their stock of Wiis on hand already.

Take it for what it’s worth. It gives me hope, even if it means calling in sick to work that day.  heh heh

You will watch this show!

Answers! Dancers! Prancers! Vixens! –

On this particular show, for instance, contestants must answer a minimum of six trivia questions. After each answer, the contestant must choose from among 13 dancers on stage who, ABC assures us, will all be “stunning.” Each dancer holds a scroll on which is written a dollar figure to be added or subtracted, for correct or incorrect answers, to the contestant’s total. A correct answer, combined with choosing a dancer holding big money, can catapult the player’s winning into the millions. But a wrong answer, and the wrong dancer, can wipe out winnings in an instant. The Answers and Dancers Show.

Sounds bad enough, but there’s one saving grace:

But there’s more. At any given moment, the 13 Million-Dollar Dancers, as they’re called on the show, may spontaneously break into any style of dance and, ABC promises, Shatner spontaneously “boogies with the beauties on stage.”

Yes, this is William Shatner’s upcoming game show. Bring it on!

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Things I’ve learned from my e-mail this week

  • My name is really Rachel. Half the e-mails this week addressed their messages to Rachel.
  • Russians girls are different than American girls. They do things — well, different things. For a small price. Usually monthly.  Via webcams. Fascinating.
  • The most efficient way of reaching a potential reader of your e-mail is to embed it into a GIF file! (I know that’s done to circumvent spam protections. I know.)
  • And if you’re a media relations kind of guy sending out an e-mail to everyone in your rolodex, make sure you blind CC: the list, so someone replying to you doesn’t send their home address out to a hundred members of the media. I thought we had gotten over that kind of mistake a few years back, but I guess the old favorites just never die.

Wii-kend Link Dump

Friday Link Dump

The Wii Hands-On

Wii LogoNo, that title only sounds dirty if you have a dirty mind. Moving on. . .

Chris at Game|Spot has played a few of the Wii launch games now and filed some reports. Here are the links:

To sum it all up: Rayman looks like the most fun. The car games work thanks to the silly-looking steering wheel. Splinter Cell is a little too complicated a direct port of a Last Gen game. And Red Steel has gotten a lot better and plays like fun.

Now, here’s what I want to know: When will they port TIME CRISIS to the Wii? It should be a natural fit for this controller.

Remember: Toys R Us is taking pre-orders on Sunday. . .