Friday Itty Bitty Link Dump

2 thoughts on “Friday Itty Bitty Link Dump

  1. Augie,

    I think that it’s interesting that you post the bit about Napster on the same day that I walk into a Tower Records in Japan and get bombarded with all types of incentives to sign up for the service. My first thought was why would a company that is bankrupt tie up with a music service that isn’t doing so well?

    Even though I did purchase enough CDs (Nellie McKay’s first record being a purchase directly influenced by you) to try out the UFO Catcher for the chance to get a Napster doll, I passed. I didn’t have the space in my suitcase and the weather was absolutely nasty (windy & rainy – there’s nothing worse than walking around in that stuff) so I wanted to get back to the hotel.

  2. I actually read some information in August about the Star Wars set shortly before the new Limited Editions came out. The long promised 6 movie box set is supposed to come out next year with a ton of extra features. I guess there is some hope that the original trilogy will be presented in an acceptable format as one of the special features. I know as someone who has bought the Star Wars movies before, I’ll more than likely get this set, but it sure makes me glad I didn’t buy the “limited editions”. Here is the link to the original story I read.

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