New Releases, 28 Nov 2006

Full list.

My highlights:

  • The Ant Bully (2006)

This is one of roughly 340 CGI films that came to theaters this year with a heavy marketing machine, only to be mostly ignored for not being a PIXAR film. I’m sure it wasn’t very good, either, which never helps. Hollywood studios are still under the impression that CGI movies are cheap and easy to make as well as being guaranteed blockbusters. I’m sure the film won’t hurt the studio and that the DVDs will see big profits, but this is still just another example of Hollywood jumping on a bandwagon and driving it into the ground.

  • The Ellen Degeneres Show: DVD-licious

If Oprah can do it, why not Ellen?

Clerks II (Two-Disc Widescreen Edition)An Evening With Kevin Smith 2 - Evening Harder

  • Clerks II (2-disc set) (2006)
  • An Evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder (2006)

I know we’re all supposed to be “over” Kevin Smith by now, but the first DVD set of his lectures/Q&As at college campuses was funny. I’m willing to give this one a shot, too. I’ve never seen one of these in person, so it’s not like I’ve heard all the same stories multiple times already.

And I do want to see CLERKS II, also.

Superman Returns (Two-Disc Special Edition)

  • The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection (8-disc set)
  • Supergirl (1984)
  • Superman: The Movie: Special Edition (4-disc set) (1978)
  • Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (1980)
  • Superman II: Deluxe Edition (2-disc set) (1980)
  • Superman III: Deluxe Edition (1983)Superman II - The Richard Donner Cut
  • Superman IV: Deluxe Edition (1987)
  • Superman Returns: Special Edition (2-disc set) (widescreen) (2006)
  • Superman Returns (widescreen) (2006)
  • Superman Returns (pan-and-scan) (2006)
  • Superman Ultimate Collector’s Edition (14-discSuperman Ultimate Collector\'s Edition set)

I sense a theme here.

  • The Usual Suspects: Collector’s Edition (2-disc set) (1995)

Come to think of it, I suppose it has been a good six months since the last special edition of this movie, hasn’t it? Time for an update!

Next week is the crescendo of gift-giving season DVD releases. That includes 24, ANIMANIACS, PINKY AND THE BRAIN, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2, MIAMI VICE (movie), and more.


11 Responses to “New Releases, 28 Nov 2006”

  1. Phil
    28. November 2006 at 11:17

    I’m disappointed in you, Augie. How could you ignore JAMIE KENNEDY’S BLOWIN’ UP and TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL: SEASON THREE VOL. 2? ;)

    The big one for me this week is the Superman Ultimate Collection. Put that one on my Christmas list. Yes, I know it has SUPERMAN III and IV on it — I can tolerate III every half-decade or so; IV has no redeeming qualities whatsoever — but since it has I, II, II-Donner Cut, and Returns, plus the extras, it makes sense to just get that instead of buying the four movies separately.

    Didn’t see CLERKS II. Only seen a bit of CLERKS, MALLRATS, and CHASING AMY. Seen all of DOGMA and J&SBSB, tho’ — which means I missed a lot of jokes, I’m sure, in J&SBSB.

    And in an ideal world with unlimited money and time, I’d also pick up BONES: SEASON ONE today. This is fast becoming one of my favorite broadcast network shows. HOUSE is slipping just because I don’t like where they’re taking the character (although tonight’s ep may fix that), but HEROES, BONES, and PRISON BREAK are now on my Must Watch list each week.

  2. Jacob
    28. November 2006 at 11:19

    Clerks 2 is really good and Smith never skimps on the extras so you wont be disapointed.

    By the way Augie have you gotten a chance to check out the Geekdrome podcast I recomended a few months back?

  3. Nick
    28. November 2006 at 13:30

    The people who make Ant Bully work in the same building as I do near Dallas. They were pretty excited when the movie came out… but we haven’t heard much from them since… oh well! I think a bunch of them actually got laid off. However, don’t fret for them…. they’re constantly laying people off, then rehiring them, as they get more work to do. I’ve been in this building about 18 months, and I’ve seen the parking lot fluctuate from full to empty a good dozen times.

  4. Lennon Patton
    28. November 2006 at 13:45


    I enjoyed Clerks II more than any other movie that I saw in the theatre this summer. The bit about Star Wars vs LOTR is classic nerd cinema moment. It has all the classic gross out moments but he did show some signs of maturing in his story and directing. Will this win an Oscar? Of course not, but it ranks up there with Chasing Amy as my favorite Smith film. IMHO

  5. Juan
    28. November 2006 at 15:15

    Why is SUPERMAN II a “Richard Donner Cut”? Donner directed the first SUPERMAN, but Richard Lester directed the sequel.

  6. Phil
    28. November 2006 at 15:33

    Because Richard Donner filmed a good portion of SUPERMAN II at the same time as I. He was replaced by Richard Lester who reshot a lot of what we now know as SUPERMAN II. The Richard Donner Cut is how Donner would have made the movie had he been allowed to complete it. It’s a different story than what Lester made, and they found most of the cut footage to make this DVD. I think there are a few things that were never found, but this is as close to what Donner envisioned.

    For those who want the Lester version, that’s what the Deluxe Edition that came out today is.

  7. Juan
    28. November 2006 at 16:05

    Thanks, Phil. I didn’t know Donner had shot parts of the second film — or at least I don’t remember hearing that. Now I’m really curious to check out the Donner cut.

  8. Arune Singh
    28. November 2006 at 20:32

    Good luck getting that Ultimate set– it’s selling out like crazy around the country from what I’ve seen and heard!

  9. GeorgeC
    29. November 2006 at 02:10

    Good luck with the Ultimate Superman set, too.

    WB’s quality control screwed up YET AGAIN on two discs in the set!

    Disc One DOESN’T have the original theatrical audio mix to Superman the Movie that it should.. The right version of Superman III is also not on the set, either.

    WB has set up phone lines to deal with the problem and are taking names and addresses, but goodness’ sake we may not set replacement discs until the middle of next year!

    Ask the people still waiting on replacement discs for those shorts of Tom & Jerry and Looney Tunes that WB screwed up in previous sets…

  10. GeorgeC
    29. November 2006 at 02:14

    Here’s the phone number EVERYBODY who bought Superman: The Movie (4-disc set) or Superman III (Deluxed Ed) of any of the boxed sets will get to know VERY well…

    “Replacement discs can be obtained by calling: 800-553-6937. The exchange program applies only to purchases of the Superman III Deluxe Edition in the Superman Ultimate Collector’s Edition and to disc one of Superman: The Movie Four Disc Special Edition, available as a single title, as well as in The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection and in the Superman Ultimate Collector’s Edition.”

    Info passed on from The Digital Bits. Expect to wait a while for Warner operators to take down your name and phone number…

  11. Phil
    29. November 2006 at 08:33

    Oh, lovely. Maybe I should tell the people who received my Christmas list to not bother with the set just yet, then… Thanks for the heads up, George!