Wednesday Wii Link Dump

  • Wii Sports: Airplane?!? Is “Wii sports” the generic name Nintendo is using for all “simple” games meant for all ages? Last I checked, flying an airplane is not a sport, though cool.
  • This site has a better explanation: Wii Motor Sports will be a follow-up title. It’s interesting that a game designed as a pack-in release and a demo kind of thing is sprouting legs.
  • The Wii has sold 600,000 units in its first week. ZELDA was sold with 3/4ers of those systems.
  • Walmarts have more Wiis in stock for December 3rd.
  • My helpful Wii tip of the day: You don’t always have to point to the screen to make menu selections. The cross pad will work fine to select an option while the Wiimote is pointed away from the screen. If an option is already highlighted by default, merely pushing the A button will be enough to select it.
  • After losing three punishing and brutal tennis matches in a row, I hit the comeback trail last night, winning four straight. Take that, Nintendo AI!


6 Responses to “Wednesday Wii Link Dump”

  1. Stephen
    29. November 2006 at 15:58

    I have GOT to get “the kid’s” Wii out on the sly at some point. I just don’t know if I can justify a couple of hours of play and then have to put it all back up. My new, huge LCD tv is being delivered Saturday and I know I am going to be chomping at the bit to play on it.

    On a positive note, all of a sudden we’ve been seeing Wii commercials all over the place and the kids are begging for it now. This after not even knowing what it was when I asked them about it a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Arune Singh
    30. November 2006 at 01:45

    I’ve been searching for the nunchuk controller for ya Augie– we’re short over here too. Sorry dude!

  3. Overworm
    30. November 2006 at 07:45

    Augie, aside from the NES, I haven’t really played any Nintendo systems. My son turns 5 in January and I was thinking of getting him a Nintendo for either the holidays or his birthday.

    He is never really played or even seen video games, as I haven’t been a serious player since he was born. He did spend a couple of days with a Gamecube and Mario Sports (I think) but that’s about the extent of his experience.

    Do you think he would be a good candidate for a Wii? From what I’ve read, I don’t really think so. I was thinking a Gamecube might be more appropriate for him, and I could save money on the system and the games. What do you (or anyone else) think?

  4. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    30. November 2006 at 08:51

    Stephen – Congrats on being the smartest father in America. For once, the commercials on TV are playing into the parent’s hands. I like that! Meanwhile, I’m just jealous of your TV screen. heh

    Arune – Thanks. As it turns out, it hasn’t been an emergency for me, yet. I haven’t had a second person over to play yet, and I don’t regularly use any game that uses the nunchuk. I know I’ll need it eventually, but I’m in no rush, thankfully. First, I have to bring my Fitness Age down from 35. ;-)

    Overworm – I think you might be better off starting him off with a GameCube. For starters, he’s less likely to accidentally throw the controller through the TV screen. Honestly, it’s something I’d be worried about even with the best-behaved five year old.

    For the money, the GameCube is a pretty good system. There’s a ton of games out there for it, many of which would be appropriate for kids, often for $20 or less on sale. And with lots of GameCube people trading in their old systems as they upgrade to the Wii (which is backwards compatible), I imagine the used GameCube market will be flooded, and thus even cheaper than ever.

  5. GeorgeC
    1. December 2006 at 00:18

    Used Cubes are going for an average of $59 in my area…

    Probably means the game stores are paying people $30 or less for the system.

    Video game stores make most of their money on reselling used systems and games. Pretty crooked system, yes, but considering the high cost of renting retail space at a mall…! All-around, it’s a slimy racket and another thing that I HATE about the videogame industry.

    Whatever a store pays you for a game, I can guarantee they will probably mark it up for resell by AT LEAST 200-300%. You’re getting peanuts for a game. They generally only pay you back 50% (at best) for a game that’s only a month old. I don’t buy used games considering how roughly most people treat their videogame stuff. Also, you generally don’t save much money on used games considering most stores only sell them $5 below unsold/mint-condition games.

  6. Jacob
    12. December 2006 at 23:02

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