Random TV Notes

  • AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL: When Caridee loses, I don’t want to be anywhere near her. She’s psycho-looking. Take a look at her eyes whenever she’s in the bottom two. I’m pretty sure they’re cloned from Ted Bundy. Just scary.
  • The only crazier looking lady on TV this week is being defended by Alan Shore on BOSTON LEGAL. I haven’t watched Tuesday’s episode yet, so I don’t know the final outcome of the case, but Sunday’s episode was beautiful, right down to the fisticuffs in the men’s room. Legal insanity!
  • THE CLASS is less a sit-com and more a cartoon, but it made me laugh out loud frequently again this week.
  • TiVo LogoNorm Duke needs work on the PBA BOWLING telecasts yet. In the last game this week, he predicted that Chris Barnes would throw a perfect shot in the upcoming frame because he needed to, and he has the mental game to pull it off. Aside from a couple of big money tournaments the PBA has concocted in the last couple of years, Barnes has a reputation for choking like Lonnie Walicek on TV. And, sure enough, the first shot in that frame was way high and not a strike. Unphased by this, Duke congratulated Barnes on making the perfect shot — even after a replay showed it wasn’t — and said he caught a bad break. No, Norm, he just made a bad shot on TV. He’s well-known for that by now.
  • And, yes, I watched all of these shows on the TiVo.  Live TV is for the birds.


2 Responses to “Random TV Notes”

  1. Arune Singh
    1. December 2006 at 01:39

    I remember Jonah telling me I needed TiVO and I proudly extolled the virtues of a VCR. One year later and I can’t imagine life without TiVO.

  2. Trip Bakun
    1. December 2006 at 12:46

    Tuesday night’s BL was pretty good. Although I think that they overhyped the episode on Sunday night.

    It also looks like there might not be a new ep for a while – there was no “Next on BL” playing during the ending credits. Luckily, I have the first disc of Season 2 to keep me happy for a while.

    Surprisingly enough, I’m all caught up on all of my TV watching right now. It’s amazing what happens when you only add 1 new show for the year. The one show that I am behind on is Studio 60 – there are 7 episodes still sitting on my TiVo. Does this mean that I am going to TiNo-ing this series?

    Hey Augie, was it you that was pimping HU$TLE in your blog a couple of months ago? If so, thanks for the recommendation. I watched the first three eps of Season (err, Series) 1 this week. Good, good, good show. I will admit that I didn’t quite get the song & dance routine in the second episode.