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  1. Wow…You go boy!

    I read your column last night and for almost every point you made I said to myself…”Exactly”

    Nearly everything you mentioned in that article was a factor in why I let my subscription run out.

  2. And nearly everything you mentioned was why I finally stopped buying Wizard after many years of purchasing it!

    I do get it right now, though… I managed to get a sub online for about $1 an issue.

    I like their style of humor, but only in small doses. One silly feature each month would be plenty.

    Mostly, I just wish they’d approach their jobs like serious journalists. They’ve had a few articles like that (the Steve Ditko one from a while back springs to mind), but not nearly enough. Most are clearly fluff pieces. I’d rather have 20 pages of serious work than 100 pages of promos and thinly-veiled ads.

  3. Apply. I read your analysis from a business perspective (I’m not comic fan boy) and your plan appears very solid.

    Color me impressed. Now, answer the door – opportunity is knockin’.

  4. Augie, read your column yesterday before the drama began and even followed the links today, including a certain writer’s idiot responses and I couldn’t agree more with your suggestions…but my question is does anyone even read Wizard anymore? Is it even relevant any longer? It’s probably been five or more years since I picked up a Wizard issue and to be honest, I’m not left with fond memories of the magazine. I truly hope they listen to you, but I’m left with the feeling that they simply don’t care about their readers. Now, with all of that said, it’s been probably even longer since I picked up a single comic, aside from a trade here and there. The Walking Dead is currently the only one I pick up and I wait for the trade on that one.
    I’ve become disillusioned with the ENTIRE comics industry.

  5. Y’know, Augie, if you were put in charge, I might pick up an issue of WIZARD again. I stopped buying it when I quit comics back in ’97, and when I returned to buying comics in 2002, I didn’t return to buying it, as I felt that the magazine was beneath me. Plus, what little comics news I wanted at the time (as I was only buying Dreamwave’s TF series), I could get online.

    Now, I’m buying a lot more in the way of comics today, and I probably would still get most of my news online, but I’d at least buy an issue in support. :)

  6. Yeah, but how is it “Wizard War” if Augie’s the only named candidate for the job?

    Let me know if you’d like me to write up a completely counter to your proposals attack piece for the next column so we can get some real action going. (about .5 :-))

  7. Stephen – Thanks. I don’t think this is going anywhere. I mean, if I were really serious about this I would have sent in a resume or something. But it is fun to have the discussion raging all over the place now. WIZARD gets people talking. (Not buying anything, but talking, at least.)

    Nick – For a dollar an issue, it’s worth it. There is enough stuff in there to justify that. And you’re right — they do have the occasional solid piece that makes you think they’re turning back in the right direction. That’s followed on the next page by the countdown of the 30 sexiest babes in comics, though.

    Derhaken – Thanks. Would you be my treasurer? I already have a campaign manager with Ron, but I need someone to watch the books with all the donations coming in. ;-)

    Ezekiel – WIZARD could be relevant. A print magazine of general comics interest could very well be relevant today, but it needs to have strong content. That’s what WIZARD lacks. Not everyone has the internet, and not everyone who has the internet surfs the major comic book websites and blogs.

    Phil – In the words of Bartles and James, I thank you for your support.

    Tom – If you think it’s odd that I’m apparently in a war with no side to fight against, wait till you hear the debates. I’m digging into my past now, and I think this letter from YOUNGBLOOD will kill my own campaign dead in its tracks.

    Derhaken – dammit dammit dammit. And it was just the worst case scenario I thought it might be. If he had just stayed in the damned car. . . ARGH!

  8. Ah, don’t worry about that letter. You were young, you’ve matured and grown as a person since then, and it wasn’t a crime to do so. The innocence of youth makes a person do interesting things, and certainly you wouldn’t try to do the same now, correct?

    There, I think I hit all the salient talking points. You should be good to go. :)

  9. Augie, I read your column yesterday and, like everyone else, found myself nodding my head in agreement. You’ve got the vision. They’d be fools not to hire you.

  10. I still read Wizard (don’t know why sometime, but I do) and I totally agree with everything you wrote, Augie. I would definitely keep buying if you got the job!

  11. Augie….it’s time to make the move. Live the dream get out of hear NOW! George, the price better be right $$ :)

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