Just out of curiosity

Is there anyone else working today?

I mean, my company is open, but the parking lot was half empty at a time when I usually need to park in a different lot completely.  Plus, it’s just eerily quiet today.  Yet I am up to my ears in work.  Go fig.


10 Responses to “Just out of curiosity”

  1. JK Parkin
    22. December 2006 at 12:38

    Yep, I’m at work today until 1 p.m. … it’s pretty dead, and those of us who are here are preoccupied with talking about the holidays, banana bread and how to survive zombie attacks.

  2. cousar
    22. December 2006 at 13:08

    I’m here until 4.30pm. Classes are over, but the university doesn’t officially close until tonight. It’s really quiet, but I have a lot to do.

  3. Phil Foxx
    22. December 2006 at 13:18

    I’m at work, debugging a routine that appears to be the new bane of my existance.

    I think that’s number 27 on the list of those, actually.

  4. Jeff
    22. December 2006 at 13:49

    I too am at work but it’s taken me about 2 hours to settle in and actually do work because of the holiday cheer ’round here. I got a ton of Web/Portal work to do. That’s Christmastime for ya at a government job.

  5. Soon
    22. December 2006 at 16:54

    Working the retail sect, all up until the close on Christmas Eve and back again the day after Boxing Day. Nothing but busy of late, the people do like their shopping at this time of the year.

  6. Juan
    22. December 2006 at 17:34

    Yeah, I worked today — on my damn birthday. Thanks for reminding me. ;-)

  7. Matthew M
    22. December 2006 at 18:13

    When you’re IT, you’re always in the office when everyone else is out at 2. On the plus side, we’re the only ones with filterless Internet access. MOO HAH!

  8. Jason
    22. December 2006 at 22:20

    I worked today – but that’s one of the “benefits” of working in a financial institution – we’re always there.

  9. Tracie Mauk
    23. December 2006 at 01:29

    Not only worked but worked LATE.

    And they say not to expect to get out on time until well after the 1st of the year!

    Yay holidays! It sure it awesome to do advertising for the grocery industry!

    [murders self]

  10. A
    27. December 2006 at 22:35

    I had to work on Friday. I had to stay late to top it off. I was the last one to leave.