AI6 Tryouts – “New York City”

American Idol logoWell, they weren’t completely lying. It looks like the cattle call was held at the Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ. Specifically, Continental Airlines Arena. The judges were seeing contestants at some unknown location in the city afterwards. That’s my guess. Through creative editing, you were given the impression (as with all cities) that this all happens on the same day and in the same location.

I still cringed every time they made the gathered throng in NJ scream anything about New York, though. Typical – we do all the heavy lifting, and NY gets all the credit. We take their garbage and then we get blamed for the smell. Thankfully, it took them a full half hour before they went to a “Jersey Girl” routine. (Those aren’t hard to find in Point Pleasant, though.) Amazingly enough, they both made it through.

The night started with Ian, who I recognized immediately from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. Simon was right — his routine is old because it’s a routine. It’s not real and nobody is falling for it. He’s overplayed his hand now and it’s time to go back into obscurity.

Sarah Burgess will sail into the Top 12 if she makes it to America’s vote. Her beautiful story of a teenager lying to her parents, cutting school, and then calling her father to rub his nose in it on national television will make America race to the phones. Crying forgives all.

Ashanti returned. Again. This time, they’re not going to bother with her in Hollywood. She’s not that great, either. Her entire song was in a very high register that made dogs bark within 100 feet of my television. It was when she launched into her soap opera plea for mercy that she became truly hilarious, though. And she wasn’t the only one to try that, either. Nakita did it a little later in the episode. She was the one who proved that singing a second song can HURT you even more than HELP you, sometimes.

I also love how many people this year think that the judges will reconsider if they just spontaneously burst into a new song while the judges are rejecting them. Desperation is a funny thing.

Sarah Goldberg stole the show for me. I know they tried to tease you on with the dramatic reveal at the end of the questionable Isadora, but it was the logic behind Sarah’s audition that impressed the heck out of me. She wanted to be the first Idol who couldn’t sing. She thought they could teach her how, and she’d win by being the Comeback Kid that America likes to vote for. While there is SOME logic there, it’s not really what’s right for the show. But she’s SERIOUS, and the REALLY MEANS IT, and the judges should see it, too. She was so earnest that I was almost convinced. Either that, or I was frightened for her sanity. She was worth stringing along. Sometimes, you just need to let them talk to get all the crazy out.

Hey, at least she made friends with the security guy.

Jory Steinberg came from Canada, originally, and has a heck of a voice. She sang a Tina Arena song, which works for me since Jim Steinman has written some music for her.

I just realized — AI NYC had a relatively large Jewish turnout, didn’t it? I’m not sure what that means or what that says, but I wanted to note it for some reason.

Rachel Zebita is this year’s opera singer. We had one last year who was very entertaining in the auditions (you can hear her here), but stunk came Hollywood Hell Week. Rachel made it through, so we’ll see if she fares any better.

Nicholas Pedro, the “Buttercup” quitter from last season returned to audition. He still has a great voice. Let’s hope he doesn’t choke this year. He claims he’s learned his lesson. . .

Things end with the hilarious awful Isadora, who thinks “Isadora” is a preferable name to whatever “J” name she really has. Must be really awful.

In the end, 35 people go to Hollywood, after two days of poor auditions. If the judges weren’t getting paid millions for this abuse, I’d feel bad for them.

Next week – Birmingham! Here comes your Idol winner. . .

6 thoughts on “AI6 Tryouts – “New York City”

  1. I’m actually waiting for the Hollywood round to see what happens to the two soon-to-be-not best friends Amanda Coluccio and Antonella Barba. It just seems to me Amanda is one of those “best friends” that’s always in the spotlight but when Antonella takes the spotlight away from her, it’ll cause some drama. Also helps that they’re both semi-eye-candy.

    I’ve also officially jumped on the Sarah Burgess bandwagon.

  2. I was waiting for Simon to tell Isadora she showed up for the wrong auditions and that the adult film auditions were down the street.

  3. I think Sarah had on a Cherry t-shirt… not so innocent if it was

  4. Yeah, the drama between the two best friends should be great, especially if Antonella takes Simon’s advice about kicking someone when they’re down. And I loved the girl who sang the Aretha Franklin song (was it “Ain’t No Way”? — I’m not sure).

    Loved Sarah Goldberg and Ashanti, and (God help me) Ian too.

  5. Finally watched my recording of it. Pretty much agree with you, Augie. Sarah Burgess is going to be the America’s Sweetheart story, and I was starting to fall for her, too. I think Jory impressed me the most of the girls, tho’, and Nicholas of the guys. I didn’t really watch much of last season, so I never saw his collapse, but I’ll be rooting for him this year.

    Sarah Goldberg and Isadora… holy cow. Can’t really say much; can only be shocked at Sarah’s… well, everything she said.

    About the only person I disagree with the judges’ decision is Rachel. Her voice annoyed me and I didn’t think it was all that great in her two pop songs. It’s made for opera… but opera annoys me anyway, so I’m not really rooting for her.

  6. What’s the name of the song they play at the end after the last girl (the weird orgasmic one) leaves the room? Common sense says its something like “Let the music play” but it isn’t…

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