Reasons to Love My Car

Really, it’s the little things.

  • Jeep Grand CherokeeThe Temperature Gauge. No, not the one that tells you your engine is overheating. I mean the one in the displaly that tells me how cold or warm it is outside. It’s not really all that necessary. I mean, does it really matter whether its 30 degrees or 35 degrees? Does it matter if its 39 or 49? And in the summer, is there a big difference between 89 and 99? Heck, no, but that kind of stupid knowledge is required of you when you get to work or get to your family gathering and people seem obsessed with the weather. “Wow, can you believe how cold it is outside?” “Yes, I can. It’s 34 degrees. Isn’t that crazy weather to be having in the dead of winter? Wait, it isn’t.”
  • Time Delay: I also like the way it takes a few minutes for the temperature sensor to fully acclimate itself. I live in an area that is generally a few degrees cooler than where I work. When I drive to lunch with people from work, they immediately latch onto my car’s temperature gauge and laugh at how wrong it is. So I play the global warming card on them.
  • Temperature Control: I love it when it rains and the windows fog up, because then I have my personal choice between two forms of torture: Extreme cold, or extreme heat. Either will defog the windshield, and both will make me painfully uncomfortable. Plus, there’s that initial blast of the air that completely fogs up the windshield before it starts to disappear. This is always a fun maneuver to make at 65 MPH. (Yeah, like anyone on the highway does only 65. . . )
  • Fog Lamps: Other cars on the road will frequently mistake them for high beams and flash their own lights at you. Also, they’re very useful in the fog to help light the fog up and blind you even worse than what you started with.
  • Headlight Windshield Wipers: No, my car doesn’t have those, but I wanted to mention them here as the Most Useless Addition to a car that I’ve ever seen. You really have money to burn when you order that option.

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