Evolution of the car horn

I was about ten feet away from the car when I realized I hadn’t locked it up, but I didn’t break stride. I reached into my pocket, pushed the button on the keyfob, heard the car’s horn honk once, and felt satisfied that the job was done.

It’s such a commonplace thing today that I don’t think of the car as being locked anymore until I’ve heard the horn honk. What was once a tactile sensation of pushing a button on the car door is now an auditory one. And it’s like that all day, every day in parking lots across the nation. Remember when a honking horn caught your attention? It might have meant that a friend was coming over to pick you up. Nowadays, they call you on their ubiquitous cell phone when they’re a minute away and you know when to look for them with uncanny accuracy.

Idiots in traffic use their car horn all the time for the smallest of infractions. They busy their hands on the steering wheel’s center instead of concentrating on slamming the breaks or swerving around the idiot in front of them. But it’s the boy who cried wolf. So many horns blare so needlessly that nobody notices them anymore. When’s the last time a horn honked in traffic caused you to seriously look around at your mirrors to see where it was coming from and why?

It’s the little boy crying wolf. Due to its incessant noise making, nobody hears its anymore. People lock their car doors remotely with the sound of the car horn when they’re parking at a condo complex, ten feet in front of someone’s bedroom. At night. And they think nothing of it.

And don’t get me started on the “panic” button on so many keyfobs that’s so easy to hit that they are more easily ignored than a single beep. . .

The car horn is just one of life’s little annoyances in the modern age.

One thought on “Evolution of the car horn

  1. I dunno, man, sounds to me like you’re “horn” jaded.

    I still freak out when I hear a horn, and reserve mine for only the most egrarious of slights. Did I use that word right?

    On the other hand, I don’t have a doohickey to lock my car from afar. I still have to click the slide when I get out. Maybe that’s all it is.

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