A Sunday Link Dump

  • Finally, a simple graphical guide to how that whole “first cousin once-removed” thing works!
  • The best life lesson you can learn: You suck.
  • The High Def DVD Wish List. Wow, it feels like 1998 all over again. This is mostly the same list of wants we all had for the standard DVD format back then. (It’s written by Peter Bracke, best known for his days on DVDFile.com, which is currently running an annoying full-screen pop-up flash ad. UGH.)
  • An amazing interview with Luc Besson. In it, he discusses a possible upcoming sci-fi trilogy, how THE 5TH ELEMENT was a trilogy compressed into one movie, and his upcoming work on movies like HITMAN and TRANSPORTER 3.

One thought on “A Sunday Link Dump

  1. Well, I now have a better chance of understanding all that once-removed stuff. But I showed that to my mom and she got confused when figuring out that my second cousins are also her first cousins once removed.

    Who came up with that crazy nomenclature, anyway?

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