Monday Link Dump


3 Responses to “Monday Link Dump”

  1. Phil Foxx
    23. April 2007 at 13:13

    … wow. I am in awe of’s prank… and yes, also a bit scared that it could happen.

  2. Tom Galloway
    23. April 2007 at 16:14

    “College students could have thought it up, but would have never found the funds to pull it off. “

    Truer than he knows. After my MIT group’s hack of the ’82 Harvard-Yale Game (no, not the balloon…we were the other guys. The ones with the card stunt), we theorized that Caltech was probably already considering how to next hack the Rose Bowl in pseudo-retaliation. So we thought about doing a preemptive strike and hacking the Rose Bowl ourselves.

    Then it occurred to us that the Super Bowl would also be held in the Rose Bowl that year, so if we left enough stuff around, we could also hack that.

    However, it then occurred to us that if we hacked the Super Bowl, three things would probably happen;

    1) One or both team’s front four would pay us a visit. 2) The NFL’s lawyers would pay us a visit. 3) Some wiseguys from Joisey would pay us a visit if there was even a chance that whatever we decided to do might affect the point spread.

    As it turned out, we didn’t have the funds to go out and hack the Rose Bowl (and sure enough, a couple of years later Caltech did their excellent remote control of the stadium scoreboard hack). But we were a college group, from Boston even (per mention of Bartley’s Burger Cottage in the article, so’s this guy. And, btw, I highly recommend Bartley’s). And we almost hacked the Super Bowl.

  3. Juan
    24. April 2007 at 06:08

    I happened to be up late last night, so I caught Steven Wright (missed Sanyaja, though). Wright was hilarious, as usual.