AI6 – Round of 6 – Results

Well, wasn’t that a nifty piece of anti-climax? The producers didn’t feel it would be right to kick anyone off from a charity show last night. I don’t necessarily blame them for that, but putting poor Jordin through the ringer like that was especially cruel and heartless. I’m all for the games and misdirection Idol pulls with the results every week, but this one just seemed mean.

Those 70 million votes from this week will be carried over to next week. We’ll have four more hours of voting next week and two people will get tossed then. (Phil and Lakisha.) I’ll let others do the statistical analysis of how many fewer votes will come in next week, and how that will be unfair to the person who had a bad week this week but a great week next week and — oh, my head hurts. I’ll just roll with the punches, and not overanalyze them for a change.

I managed to watch the entire show in about a half hour last night. I fast-forwarded through all the pitches, video packages, and most of the celebrity performances. Also, anything with Ben Stiller.  Oddly enough, I was entranced by Jack Black and the Simpsons.  Bart got a Dunkleman joke in!  WHOO-HOO! Yes, Ryan, “House” has an accent. If you have ever seen the magnificence that is BLACKADDER, you’d have known that 15-20 years ago. =)

Kelly Clarkson was magnificent. The Quincy Jones song was painfully bad. The show ran over time, so I didn’t get to hear Bono’s song at the end. I couldn’t record long, because then I’d miss LOST.

Ellen was a horrible hostess. Ryan was funny at the top of the show when he blew his reading from the teleprompter, but he owned up to it and made it right.

I just want my normal IDOL back. . .

4 thoughts on “AI6 – Round of 6 – Results

  1. The shocker was planned, the contestants knew they weren’t going home. Go back and look at their’s and the judges expressions.

    I really enjoyed Kelly out of all the performances. Jack Black was funny!

    Simon didn’t know hunger existed right there in LA?? Now that’s living a sheltered life (no pun intended).

    Sooooooo, Elvis really is alive??

  2. They must’ve taken out Ryan’s screw-up for the west coast because I don’t remember seeing it.

  3. I was hoping that the shocker would be that all the contestants would be booted, and AI would start the season again in July.

    No such luck. But at least Kelly was excellent.

  4. If I had spent my hard earned money on VOTING, I would have been so pissed off at the fact that they didn’t use the votes to knock someone out this week. I’m pretty sure that Idol makes a fair bit of change on those phone-in votes, so not counting them this week – almost sounds like outright fraud to me.

    As for Kelly Clarkson, being that they promoted the hell out of her appearing – her showing up on the stage in the presence of the 3 judges – would have been amazing, big missed opportunity.

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