Going to the Chapel. . .

And I’m getting married. Today. This afternoon.

Normal posting will resume someday. In the meantime, I’ve preprogrammed a lot of stuff for you for the next week and a half. New content is still coming, so I expect you all to keep posting!

Also, we have a Guest Blogger! The first guest blogger in the history of Various and Sundry will be keeping you entertained with his musings over the next week. Everyone please welcome Ron Richards, from iFanboy.com. He and I have chatted a lot in recent times, and he has some non-comics interests that should fit in well around here. I’m sure he’ll have an introductory post up sometime soon.

Please play nicely with the new kid on the block. Thanks, gang!

19 thoughts on “Going to the Chapel. . .

  1. congrats on the (imminent) marriage augie!

    I hope everything goes off without a hitch and you enjoy your honeymoon.

  2. Best wishes, Augie…does the new Miss Augie know what she’s in for?

  3. Ezekiel: Let’s hope she doesn’t. It’ll make for more interesting blog posts. ;)

    Seriously, congrats and best wishes, Augie. May today be the first day of a great adventure.

  4. Congrats, and let’s see a pic from the wedding when you get back.

  5. Oh, sure. We all know what this -really- means. You’re gonna be spending all your spare time with the wife, and no time with the guys (us). Thanks a lot, Augie.

    (Just kidding. Congratulations!)

  6. Congratulations to you and your significant other on your big day. Enjoy your time off!

  7. Thanks, everyone. We have today off before heading to the Caribbean for an island vacation for a week, starting tomorrow.

    For wedding pictures, check out Tuesday’s edition of Pipeline. Jonah was at the wedding and plans a full writeup with pictures. It’ll be at Pipeline.comicbookresources.com. Right now, I just need more sleep. heh

    I’m a husband now. This is going to take some getting used to. But the ring looks cool on my finger

  8. Heh, wow, we share diabetes and now a wedding anniversary (tho, I beat you by 11 years). Congrats, dude.

  9. Congratulations Augie! The wedding photos are great! Post some more. I would love to see them. Best wishes for a wonderful life together.

  10. Congratulations Augie! Sorry I am so late in getting this to you, but I have had one heck of a move this weekend for my new job. Finally got the net hooked up. Hope you and the new Mrs. enjoy the honeymoon! I remember how strange it was to think of myself as a husband too. After 8 years now, it is a nice title to have!

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