Ruby (and Rails) Link Dump

In case you’ve been wondering what computer language I’ve been learning this year, this link dump should provide a clue or two:

Ruby Articles:

Ruby Blogs:

Ruby Tumblelogs:


5 Responses to “Ruby (and Rails) Link Dump”

  1. Paul C
    30. April 2007 at 18:18

    August! [shakes fist] You are not meant to be on holiday, not doing this blog. We know you love us but go back and chill out by the beach, Ron is doing perfectly fine in your absence.

    Anyhow that Ruby stuff looks really complicated. The only language I’ve done is a bit of Visual Basic (it is a language right?) in school last year, and it was pretty tedious to be honest.

  2. Paul C
    30. April 2007 at 18:19

    Oh crap that should read, “you are meant to be on holiday”, sorry about the typo.

  3. Phil Foxx
    1. May 2007 at 09:57

    I think these posts were pre-programmed by Augie to appear on these dates. Which is odd, because in a situation like this… how do you know what’s live and what’s not? (Other than the fact that he won’t respond to this for a week or so.)

    At any rate, I shall be investigating these links at some point, since I am intrigued by Ruby/Rails.

  4. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    6. May 2007 at 00:34

    Phil is right — This entry, in particular, was a slow accumulation of links I had been tracking for a few weeks. I finally decided to let them loose while I was away.

    I have internet access right now for the first time in about 7 or 8 days. I have a TON of catching up to do. . . But it looks like Ron kept the fort standing strong in my absence. Whatta guy!

  5. Phil Foxx
    6. May 2007 at 02:55

    Hey, welcome back, Augie! And Mrs. Augie, too!