AI6 – Round of 5 – Performances

American Idol logoOnly five are left.  These write-ups are getting so much easier.

Since I won’t get to watch the show until next week, this write-up is the easiest yet!  I’m going to let you do the work.  What didja think?  Who’s going home tomorrow?

And, really, don’t you miss Sanjaya?

12 thoughts on “AI6 – Round of 5 – Performances

  1. So who’s going home tonight? My guesses are Chris and Lakisha, or maybe Phil. I don’t understand what all the backlash is against Lakisha, but her time may be up tonight.

  2. Nope, didn’t miss Sanjaya! LaKisha was the best of the night. Didn’t enjoy Jordin’s perfmance at all and the hair was a hot mess. I thought Blake was very original but I still think him and Chris are overrated, especially Chris with his weak voice. Melinda was good as usual, but I’m bored. I always said Phil had the best voice of the guys.

    Who goes home? Could be anyone! Overall, I’m still bored with this season.

  3. For once, Blake’s re-arrangement really worked, in part because the song he was working with isn’t that great in the first place, and in part because between the beatboxing, he actually sang, as loud and clear as he has during his whole run on the show. It’s the first time I’ve liked him in about a month. Just great.

    Jordin was terrible, Phil was okay, LaKisha started weak but really nailed it at the end, Chris added some appealing grit to his voice, and Melinda was terrific (singing an awful song). A good night overall, despite the bum material. I think Jordin’s in trouble, but I’m betting Phil goes home, because he went first, he wasn’t spectacular, and he sang the perfect “going hime” song.

    Also, since last week is combined with this week, Phil’s back-to-back “okay” performances may trump the up-and-down of Jordin and LaKisha.

  4. I really enjoyed LaKisha tonight, but I still thought Melinda’s performance was better (although I didn’t really like the song, she has the ability to sell just about anything) and I loved Blake’s performance–no he’s not vocally as strong as some others, but he is a breath of fresh air and very likable (and about seventeen times more talented than last year’s Idol), so I would put LaKisha third, which may not be enough to save her.

    I liked Phil’s performance a lot, but he went first and I think he is in trouble. How ironic that he goes out (if he does) singing “Blaze of Glory”.

    Jordin, as much as I love her, was a mess and I thought the judges were very kind to her, except Simon who just told her it was terrible. I think she has a strong enough fan base to get through, but she finally looked like a seventeen year old who was lacking the life and stage experience of her competitors.

    Chirs, well I like him and he seems really nice, but his song was just OK and when watching the recap at the end, his performance lacked the energy and pop of all the others, Jordin included. It was as if he just reached out and sucked all my energy out.

    So, I think Chris is gone and probably Phil, although LaKisha could be the other one.

    Two final thoughts: 1) I don’t know how fair it is to tally both weeks votes. Let’s assume LaKisha was going home last week, but she hit it out of the park this week and would be saved, where someone like Phil or Blake, who will probably land in the middle both weeks could be eliminated because their combined total is less although they would have been safe either week. I don’t know if that works out mathematically (I hate math) but it seems unfair to me.

    2) I am a total child of the 80’s and loved much of Bon Jovi’s stuff (as hard as that is for me to admit now), but Jon Bon Jovi comitted the cardinal judge sin last night–he told the contestants that “making the song their own” was the single most important thing they could do and then acted offended anytime someone messed with his song. I hate it when they do that, not everyone has the ability to perform his style and I love it when the contestants bring their own sensibilities to a performance–good or bad, it makes for great television and elevates AI above a karaoke show.

  5. Does anyone know why they kept referring to the week as “Rock Week” instead of “Bon Jovi” week? I will caution everyone by saying I dislike Bon Jovi. Passionately dislike.

    I can honestly say that I was bored with almost everyone this week. I was working on a seminar paper during the show, but I completely missed Phil. I felt bad for Jordin, but I think she’s safe because she sang one of the most powerful songs last week. I enjoyed LaKisha’s performance, but I fear too little, too late (the same with Phil). If either of these two were in the bottom two last week, they’re probably gone tonight.

    As for Blake, if nothing else, he made a song I can barely stand, somewhat listenable. For no other reason than I wasn’t expecting it and wanted to see what he would do next.

    Chris did whatever it is Chris does. He’s not horrendous, but it’s not great either. The problem I find myself having with him is I never remember what he did the week before. Maybe it’s because I’m not a teenage girl, but everything all blends together.

    As for Melinda, I wish I could say something that hasn’t already been said to death. When she does make a record, and she will at least do that, she should never sing a Bon Jovi song.

    I have no idea who will go home. I’d like Phil to go home because I think he’s had a good run. I’m torn between LaKisha and Chris as well because I’d like to see either of them really hit one out of the park, but I doubt I will be upset if either or both go home.

  6. Nope…don’t miss Sanjaya at all. Especially not after the wardrobe malfunction that was Jordin this week.

    Jordin was horrible this week…first misfire we’ve seen from her I think. Too bad, really…I don’t expect her to be voted off but she is definitely the most vulnerable she has been this entire season.

    I loved Blake this week. The song sounded different…and definitely more interesting. Also…thank God he returned to beatboxing…his voice does not work very well on its own.

    Chris was…Chris. And am I only one who was comparing this to last year’s Chris Daughtry performance of the same song? I just couldn’t help but think how crappy Chris was when compared to Chris-Prime. I’m personally betting on him being one of the ones to go off into the sunset this week.

    Lakisha was actually…good again this week. Still don’t want her around anymore but I think she’ll stick around another week. And her “slim” side? Okay…

    Melinda is Melinda. She can do no wrong vocally. But considering that this show is a shallow image-obsessed thing if she wins she’ll disappear into the ether (like Rueben, etc…) or she will just lose out to someone prettier in the final two (Damned if I know at this point who it’ll be).

    Finally Phil, my second pick to go home. Mostly because while I think he has really upped his game the past 2-3 weeks, he just isn’t charismatic enough. I don’t really care about any week…don’t think I have any week really. It should still be interesting to see if he sticks around. If I’m wrong and he isn’t gone…the show could potentially become very interesting in the final 4 round.

    So, I guess I really wouldn’t care either way who went home as long as it isn’t who I think should be the top 3: Blake, Jordin and Melinda. As long as these three stick around, I’m happy with everyone else shuffling off whenever they please.

    Oh, and Augie…Congrats on the wedding!

  7. First of all – it’s a damn shame that this night didn’t occur a few weeks earlier- because my bet is that Gina would have SHINED, and it would have propelled her to the top 4 at the very least.

    I’ll be laughing if Phil gets kicked out and gets to sing “Going Home” as his last song.

    As for Blake – that whole beatbox thing just annoys the hell out of me. As “neat” as it seems, who out there remembers how fast the gimmick wore out for Bobby McFerrin ?

  8. Forgot that this is a double-elimination week. Jordin might be in real trouble.

    Instead, I’ll modify my prediction and say that Phil and Lakisha go.

  9. Whoo! I was right. First time this year…maybe I should gamble this week…check if I have a lucky streak going…

  10. “As “neat? as it seems, who out there remembers how fast the gimmick wore out for Bobby McFerrin ?”

    It hasn’t. Vocal improvisation is his trademark and career, and it stretches back almost thirty years now. There have been two(?) albulms where he strayed from this style, and while it gained him mainstream attention, both albulms were not favorably reviewed by critics and fans. “Simple Pleasures” maybe what most of America remembers him for, but it disappointed much of the jazz listening world.


  11. Even now, I rarely see an Idol wrap-up or article that doesn’t mention Sanyaja. I’m really curious to see how his debut, MALAKAR COCKTAIL, will do against Melinda’s and Jordin’s albums.

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