AI6 – Round of 3 – Results

I can’t believe I lost my nerve.  I should have called Melinda this week to go.  I even provided enough good reasons for it in my writeup yesterday. But, then, I bowed to conventional wisdom and went with Blake.  Stupid stupid me.

Yes, Melinda is the best singer in IDOL history, and I think that worked against her.  She’s already a professional singer for some big name singers.  She’s an old 29.  She has no signature style, besides just being able to sing everything well.

And in a self-selecting voting population dominated by the young and the female, the votes were naturally going in the direction of Blake and Jordin.

It might not be the best-sung finale that it might have been next week, but it certainly will be more interesting.  The field is wide open.  The two choices are completely different styles. Whose camp will win it all?  Will Blake’s appeal to the girls be enough to carry him through?  Will Jordin’s more classical song style win her the typical Idol vote?

I don’t think it’ll be an easy call next week at all, but I think the final vote will be decisive one way or the other.

And if they had 60 million votes this week, I can’t wait to hear what the total will be next week.

De Blieck Out!

14 thoughts on “AI6 – Round of 3 – Results

  1. I couldn’t watch the singing part of the show till right before the results today….and I was positive Melinda was going home. Not to slight her…since well, she was the BEST singer this competition has probably ever seen…but she didn’t sing ‘young’. I kind of blame the judges and producers for that too…they should’ve given her some newer songs to sing so that she could possibly attract the teeny bopper audience.

    Still, like you said…damn but this is going to be an interesting finale. I don’t think we’ve ever had too such diverse genres of music and I really wonder who will win it all now. Based strictly on demo…I’m gonna make an early prediction of Jordin…but Blake could surprise us all next week…so…who knows?

  2. I think I’m still upset about the results and it’s like I’m re-living last year with Chris Daughtry. On the other hand, it’s not that surprising when you look at it from all that’s happened this season…so if Blake ends up with the crown next week, I’ll just shrug. I’m not all too interested anymore, to tell you the truth. Thanks, America. Thanks. =(

  3. The more I think about it, the more I think Jordin is going to win it. Those who voted for Melinda are not going to suddenly vote for Blake. Too different. Jordin picks up those voters, plus those who like her fun attitude — very Kelly Clarkson-esque, actually — and you’ve got your winner.

    I wonder what duet the two will sing in the finale, though. Any suggestions?

  4. The sad thing about last night is I think this was Melinda’s last shot. I don’t see how she is going to sell alot of records in the future. I mean I doubt this is the first time someone heard and thought she could sing. Like you said she is 29 and in Idol. I disagree about the singing style. Which one of these kids really has a style..that’s more given to them from producers then themselves really.

  5. Melinda was my favorite followed by Blake. I can’t believe that goofy Jordin will get many of Melinda’s votes.

  6. Definitely not surprised by the results, but I know my family sure was. I think next week is going to be too close to call. I would like to say Blake will win, but it is just hard to say that convincingly. Either way, this season has been kind of wacky.

    I really think Melinda will have a great career out of this though. She has proven she can sing and I think she could be another great one.

  7. I was too distracted by Elliott’s new dental work to notice anything else.

    (I wasn’t imagining that was I ?)

  8. Yes Mark, Elliott did in fact get dental work done. There was a big article in People Magazine about it a number of months ago.

  9. Melinda wouldn’t have sold a lot of records even if she HAD won. She’s Tina Turner without the legs. And the neck.

    Jordin wins next week. Kelly C. said so. So it shall be.

  10. Btw, from what I hear, Kelly C. is likely to bomb with her upcoming album. I heard some record-label bigwig warned her against releasing the album as is (Kelly wrote or co-wrote the majority of it), but she’s going ahead with it anyway. (The first single was in the top 10 pop chart last week, but nada this week.)

  11. I was a bit concerned when I heard Kelly C say that this is her angry album – that it’s very personal to her after the breakup with a boyfriend. Gee, was that last album a love note to guys? I’m frightened. . .

  12. Uh…yeah. I just heard the new single. I’m terribly frightened. She seems like a man-hating amazon at this point and I’m more than ready to run screaming in the opposite direction if I ever see her.

    And apparently this is just the tip of the icerberg. This is supposed to be one of the ‘tame’ songs. Well…I hope the man-hating people (you know who you are!) like it…because I’m pretty sure I will not be getting it based on the single.

  13. Is it possible that, with a single album, Carrie U. will outsell Kelly C.’s three? Carrie’s debut is still riding high on both the pop and country charts.

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