Idol Hates Your TiVo

Q: Where does the 800 pound gorilla sleep?

A: Anywhere he wants.

Q: When AMERICAN IDOL decides that the FOX Network’s two hours per night just isn’t enough time, what does it do?

A: Anything it wants.

IDOL is notorious for spilling over by a minute or two. If you TiVo the show, you’re hopelessly screwed by it.  Last night, for example, you missed Daughtry’s performance in its entirety.

And on the Season Finale tonight?  They didn’t crown the winner until close to 10:10.  That’s just plain ridiculous.  I’m glad I was watching it live.  I can’t record past 10:00, since LOST is being TiVoed at that time.

I’m sure there are a lot of mad people right now – and there will be even more of them tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Idol Hates Your TiVo

  1. If that’s true, then I better go hit a BitTorrent site and fast! Thanks for the pointer. I’m so far behind on LOST at the moment that I hadn’t been keeping track.

  2. I have a dual-tuner DVR, and I actually caught up to AI in real time with 10 minutes to go before its scheduled finish, but my main tuner was engaged with LOST, and for some reason my cable box wouldn’t let me change the channel to Fox after AI stopped recording. So, long story short: I missed the big reveal too.

    Oh well. LOST was worth it. No spoilers, but what an ending! Catch up quick, Augie. This show got good again about six weeks ago, and the season wrapped spectacularly.

  3. By BitTorrent, of course, I mean “download on iTunes and pay a proper fee for a show I can’t watch on my television screen.”

    And it would figure that LOST got really good just as I fell horribly behind. Damned wedding! ;-)

    Now I have to dance through rain drops not to be spoiled. I guess I better skip for the next couple of weeks. . .

  4. I asked my wife if she wanted to watch it live, but she said no. When we went to watch the ending of the show, it wasn’t there. Doh!

  5. Yeah, I missed the end too. Oh well. Fox really needs to get their timing woes fixed.

  6. Everyone please remember to direct your anger toward Fox and not toward TiVo.

  7. My friend had been saying all season that he would set the TiVo to record 5 minutes past…He never set it and we realized as soon as we were fast-forwarding through and the hit the 1:58 mark, that we wouldn’t see the ending. Luckily, there was no surprise.


    Except for Chris Daughtry’s eye makeup…What WAS that?

  8. I must correct myself about the Chris Daughtry thing. YouTube labeled it as the ending to the finale…and ummmm….I just saw the rest of the finale that TiVo didn’t record. So I’m not sure when Daughtry performed.

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