Hilarious Airline Safety Story

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Director Mike Figgis spent longer at LAX airport than intended. He’d arrived in Los Angeles, along with half the acting and directing world, for what is known as ‘pilot season’, when the big studios try out new scripts, directors and actors in a two-week frenzy of auditions and career make-or-breaks. When Figgis was being grilled by airport immigration, he was asked the purpose of his visit. Unthinking and tired after a long flight, Mike replied: ‘I’m here to shoot a pilot.’ After five hours in an interrogation cell (yes, really), he finally made it into town.

Update: Dagnabit, it’s been debunked.  See the comments for links. Drat!


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  1. Joseph J. Finn
    31. May 2007 at 10:50


  2. Loren
    31. May 2007 at 11:31

    Hilarious, yes, but unfortunately false.