Quick poker thought

I’ve watched too much poker on television in the last month while I’ve been unemployed.  I realized how bad it was this afternoon while watching the latest episode of The World Poker Tour.  I’m recognizing dealers now.  It’s not just that the Bellagio will use the same dealers on all WPT final tables for TV, but also on any other TV show that tapes at the casino.

The good news is, I found a new job and it starts on Wednesday. Those dealers will then be forgotten again.


6 Responses to “Quick poker thought”

  1. Phil Foxx
    31. May 2007 at 14:51

    Congrats on getting a new job! What kind of work is it?

  2. Matthew M
    31. May 2007 at 16:08

    No more Cheez-Its and “Yes, Dear” reruns? Bummer. But gratz on the new employment!

    Doing .NET programming? ;-P

  3. Paul C
    31. May 2007 at 18:24

    Congrats on the new gig Augie and best of luck.

  4. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    31. May 2007 at 22:47

    Phil – I’ll be doing some Perl, some UNIX shell scripting, some SQL, and possibly some HTML stuff.

    Matthew – Staying away from both .NET and Java. There is hope for the tech world, after all!

    Paul – Thanks, kindly, sir. I really want this one to work out. There’s a lot of stuff in this job that I’m excited about using.

  5. Josh Herndon
    1. June 2007 at 09:38

    Congratulations Augie. As someone who also started a new job recently, I wish you the best of luck!

  6. EzekielRawlins
    1. June 2007 at 10:39

    Congrats, Augie, enjoy your last few days of freedom before you go back to the grind!