A Quick Question or Three

A quick question for the gaming geeks around here:

Kotaku or Joystiq?

If you’re more of a tech geek, then here’s one for you:

Engadget or Gizmodo?

And to the comic geeks:

Comic Book Resources or The Pulse?

(Yes, there is a correct answer to that last one.)


16 Responses to “A Quick Question or Three”

  1. Kevin
    29. August 2007 at 07:17

    The Pulse? Never heard of it.

  2. Gil
    29. August 2007 at 07:26

    Comic Book Resources over the Pulse. By far. But Newsarama over CBR in general.

  3. Phil Foxx
    29. August 2007 at 07:58

    Joystiq, Engadget and CBR. Heard of the Pulse, may have read it once.

  4. Matthew M
    29. August 2007 at 09:20

    I used to read Pulse way back when, but abandoned it maybe 1.5 or 2 years ago due to lack of updates and any meaningful content. I only really check Newsarama mostly now, although I do go to CBR for Augie, Steven Grant, and Rich Johnston’s columns.

  5. Dan
    29. August 2007 at 10:13

    Read both the Pulse and CBR and definately pick CBR. I feel the interviews are more in-depth and the commentaries are excellent. A great look at the industry on the whole, not just the news. Additionally, the format of CBR is better than the Pulse. The Pulse seems busy with a very harsh background coloring that can be distracting.

  6. jason
    29. August 2007 at 11:26

    I read both Joystiq and Kotaku, but if I had to pick one I’d go with the latter.

    But really, both are worth reading.

  7. Anonymous
    29. August 2007 at 11:35


  8. Rick H
    29. August 2007 at 11:49

    Joystiq over Kotaku, based on which page I view first.

    CBR by a huge margin over The Pulse (but don’t ask about Newsarama)

    No preference in electronics sites.

  9. Jeff
    29. August 2007 at 12:27

    Kotaku and Joystiq I like equally…But if I had to give an edge, it’d be Kotaku.

    And c’mon. CBR hands down…..even though I haven’t been there in over half a year. And what’s funny is that’s where I discovered Augie but I’ve never dwelled into his columns there.

  10. Josh Herndon
    29. August 2007 at 15:12

    I don’t typically read Kotaku or Joystiq very often, but when I do, I tend to enjoy Joystiq better.

    When it comes to tech stuff, I definitely go with Egadget. Tried to get into Gizmodo, but just couldn’t for some reason.

    For my comics fix, I go with CBR (where I discovered Augie and V&S) over The Pulse. I used to read The Pulse, but their content died down a lot and I lost interest. As others have mentioned though, I tend to frequent Newsarama the most. (But that wasn’t a choise, so I’ll say CBR)

  11. Trip Bakun
    29. August 2007 at 17:55

    Not a gamer so I can’t answer the first question.


    CBR – that’s an obvious one from me, eh?

  12. EzekielRawlins
    30. August 2007 at 07:29

    Even though, I’m more of a graphic novel guy these days, for me, it’s Newsarama then CBR.

  13. Troy
    30. August 2007 at 10:16

    CBR over the Pulse, esp. since Heidi McDonald is now at the Beat. I still check Newsarama the most though, since it’s updated more.

  14. George Tramountanas
    30. August 2007 at 14:15

    CBR over everything. ;)

  15. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    30. August 2007 at 21:00

    George FTW!

    And I’m as baffled by the video game pick as anyone. I wind up reading both, though defaulting to Joystiq if I run out of time. That’s odd, as I’m entertained by Kotaku’s attitude more.

    Special thanks to everyone for making the right choice in the comics web! Next time, maybe I’ll make the choice a little harder. heh

  16. ShyGuy
    3. September 2007 at 13:00

    I like Kotaku more than Joystiq from a journalistic standpoint, but I think people gravitate towards joystiq because, quite frankly, their webpage is easier on the eyes.