Here comes the Harmony!

Harmony 880 Universal RemoteYou may remember my desperate plea over the summer to click on the Amazon links on this blog before buying anything, in the hopes that the commissions I’d earn on those sales would eventually add up enough to pay for a new universal remote control for my new HDTV.

At long last, the Amazon Associates gift certificate has come in from that initial flurry of activity. Thanks again to one and all who did their shopping after clicking on one of the ads here. Between that gift certificate and one or two other much smaller ones I’ve been saving up for just this occasion, I was able to order the remote last night at no cost. It also looks like the price dropped since I originally looked at the remote in July.  As a bonus, my free demo Amazon Prime membership didn’t run out until last night at midnight, so I should have it in hand on Monday.

As promised, expect a full review of the puppy late next week or early the next.

It’s just like Mom always tells you – if you save up for a long while, you’ll appreciate it more when it comes.

By the way, the Amazon banners still function the same way for me. Feel free to use them to help support this blog. It even works in the new MP3 music store. But I won’t be bugging you about it again for a while. Feel free to support your other favorite blogger in the same manner, if you wish. On behalf of all bloggers everywhere: Thank you for your support.

Now go drink a Bartles and Jaymes.

3 thoughts on “Here comes the Harmony!

  1. This is the most wonderfully beautiful remote I have ever seen or used. We got the Sony Remote Commander. What a horrid device. And all of our components (except for the DVR) are Sony. It would not handle all the functions for the 400 disc CD player or the 400 disc DVD player.

    The 880 is nigh flawless. A few tweaks here and there and I’ve almost got it fool proof. And we don’t even have and HDTV. You will not be sad you got this device.

  2. I agree Scoots. Best. Remote. Ever. Augie, if you need any tips or tricks with the remote, let me know. You will NOT be disappointed.

  3. Thanks, guys. I’m debating between doing minute-by-minute updates of how my experience is with the remote, or just giving it a week of solid use and then writing everything up. Somehow, the minute-by-minute account seems more bloggy to me right now.

    Plus, I can always Twitter it, too. =)

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