The Christmas Tree Is Up!

Angel on the Christmas Tree

Mrs. VandS and I had a lot of new ornaments from our wedding.  The wedding shower included a special “Christmas Ornament” theme back in the spring.  So we needed a new tree to take all of that, in addition to my boxes of Looney Tunes ornaments throughout the years.  7 feet worth of artificial pre-lit Christmas tree was erected at Casa VandS yesterday, and it came out pretty well.  The only things to suffer were my hands, that got scratched up and bloodied like you wouldn’t believe — use gloves when putting together an artificial tree, people!

In any case, this is the angel atop the tree. She’s not new, but I’m happy that she’s sitting up straight, for the most part.

Come back tomorrow for a special presentation on hand-holding a camera versus using a tripod.


5 Responses to “The Christmas Tree Is Up!”

  1. Patricia
    24. November 2007 at 11:35

    Okay – did you guys have a “debate” over what kind of tree you wanted? Because Mr. Eric and I seem to be in annual disagreement over what a Christmas tree should look like – the comic book ornaments versus the lovely crystal and porcelain ones? One or two colors for lights and ornaments, or a wacky kaleidescope? :) Just wondering how other newly marrieds handle that. ;)

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    24. November 2007 at 15:13

    Mix and match. I didn’t put the Star Trek ornaments up — not that I really wanted to, but there was a time when people gave me those every year — and she let me put up the Taz, Bugs, and Pepe LePew figures.

    On the other hand, that Enterprise ornament that plugs into a light and blinks IS really cool. The Captain Janeway figure has NEVER been put on a tree.

    She didn’t really have that many ornaments to begin with, but we did have some more “sedate” ornaments from the wedding that we were able to put up — see the glass bowl self-portrait on my Flickr account now. ;-)

  3. Trip Bakun
    24. November 2007 at 21:08

    Nice photo!

    I’m neither a newlywed or Mr./Mrs. V&S, but I’ve been lucky that my wife has been OK with having a combination of the nice crystal/glass ornaments with my University of Georgia Bulldog ones on our trees in years past.

  4. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    25. November 2007 at 22:33

    Thanks, Trip!

    Thankfully, the wife and I both root for the same sports team, so there aren’t any conflicts there. And she’s a big enough fan that the team’s logo on the tree doesn’t bother here. Truth be told, there are two of those on the tree right now, but they pale by comparison to the Looney Tunes ornaments. heh heh

    I just wish I still had all those great Sesame Street/Muppets ornaments I had as a kid. They were all given away to a little cousin somewhere, I think. =(

  5. Trip Bakun
    26. November 2007 at 20:47

    What a bozo I am – apparently, I can’t use neither/nor properly!

    My parents still have a hold on most of the ornaments that I had as a kid. I do have one Winnie the Pooh ornament that was made for me when I was born that my Mom gave to me a couple of years ago that I love putting on my tree each year.