The benefits of a tripod

I’ve read and listened to a lot of photography experts in the past couple of months.  The one thing they all agree on is that a good tripod is a must.  The other thing is that you should pick up a Nikon or Canon SLR if you’re serious, but that’s a whole ‘nother post for another day.

Blurry TreeI saw this in action on Friday while putting up the Christmas tree.  I took a few pictures of the decoration in process.  First, I took a pic of the bare (artificial) tree.  I took a few.  I took them in burst mode.  I was standing about six feet away from the tree.  I tried with and without a flash.  Every picture I took came out with the lights looking light round blurry things.  It was annoying.

I took the cardboard box the tree came in, stood it on end, and perched the camera onSharp tree top.  Suddenly, the picture was completely sharp.  You could make out every branch, and the lights were sharp and crisp.

I’m a believer. I’m investing in one this holiday season.

Click on the links above to see the full Flickr pictures to back up what I’m saying.


2 Responses to “The benefits of a tripod”

  1. Chris Arndt
    4. December 2007 at 18:21

    “a tripod…..?”

    Dammit, Augie. geez.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    4. December 2007 at 20:16

    Especially for long range zoom photography, it evens out the shakes a lot, making for less blurry details. Very handy thing to have. You won’t always have a bookshelf or a desk or a fence or a tree to rest your camera against.