The Shot – 25 Nov 2007

There’s a flaw in the concept of the show that’s becoming apparent now. That is, the photographers aren’t given enough instruction or help. This week, they all failed to highlight the hair on the models they were shooting. The hair stylist stood to the side of the stage looking at the pictures as they came up and criticizing them for the camera, mocking righteous indignation over how awful the whole thing was. But he never told the contestants that. He didn’t work with them. He didn’t suggest anything except, at the start, to say, “This is about hair. Bouncy, shiny hair.” Not much help at all. I can’t blame the contestants for being lost and focusing on how cool the tech was. It was a 90 camera bullet time rig setup. That’s a quick $360,000, assuming Canon 1D Mark III cameras. That IS seriously cool.

Robin is fast becoming the snob of the group. I loved it when she talked about how her concert photography experience would help her photograph beach volleyball. They showed some of her blurry concert photography to prove it. Problem is, concert photographers are stuck in the pit in one location with little room to move. At best, they can move laterally back and forth, but their angle never changes. MAYBE they get to stand off-stage, but it’s all locked down pretty tight. There’s a vast difference between shooting THAT and a beach volleyball game. Sure enough, she stood stock still far off to the side of the volleyball court and took shots of players standing around, just like rock stars in concert. ::sigh::

I’m beginning to think that Jason is the only talented and sane one on the show. Dean is a brute. Airic is a horn dog. Maria is lost.

It’s a shame.


3 Responses to “The Shot – 25 Nov 2007”

  1. Troy
    27. November 2007 at 16:56

    Ummm . . . I have no idea what you are talking about. Is this a TV show??

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    27. November 2007 at 22:55

    It’s a VH1 reality show from the producers of America’s Next Top Model. This one is about fashion photographer wannabes. I’ve posted about it once or twice before. I probably should steal their logo image to illustrate these posts. I can link to the home page for the show that way.

  3. Troy
    29. November 2007 at 12:07

    Ah, ok. I’ve never heard of this show before.