Bag of Money for Nintendo

Here’s an idea for one of those theoretical bags of money that Nintendo might be leaving at the side of the road:

Everyone talks about downloading additional songs for Guitar Hero III like it’s the holy grail.  Mine is somewhat different: I want to see GH1 and GH2 released for the Wii.  For those of us who’ll be playing GH for the first time seriously on the Wii, we’ve never played the whole game for either of the first two additions.  Why bother nickel-and-diming us with a buck a song when you can just repurpose the old extant software and hit us up for $40 a pop.  As long as it works with the current guitar — or even with a little reprogramming so that it does — it would be a great value for new GH fans.


2 Responses to “Bag of Money for Nintendo”

  1. Nick
    28. November 2007 at 14:59

    I agree COMPLETELY. I had been thinking the same thing. I have to imagine that if GH3 does well for the Wii, they will do this. I still have my doubts that the Big N will manage to get it’s stuff together well enough to sell song packages online at any point, so this is their only chance to make more money on this franchise.

    Rock Band should come out for the Wii as well. I can understand something like MGS4 not being on the Wii… it can’t handle the graphics. But what is there about Rock Band that the Wii can’t handle?

  2. Josh Herndon
    29. November 2007 at 15:26

    I felt this way when the Xbox 360 version of GHII came out. Heck, I would still love to get the first GH on Xbox 360.