Diabetes Management on the DS!

DS Game Takes Place of Glucose Monitor | Game | Life from Wired.com

The GlucoBoy, a glucose monitor that lets users play games by plugging it into a GameBoy Advance or DS, could be an important tool for helping children learn to manage their diabetes. [...] The GlucoBoy helps players manage their diabetes by awarding points whenever they perform a glucose test, with extra points given out if the test results fall within specific goals. Points can be used to unlock new games, or can be spent at GRiP (Guidance Reward Platform), a site that offers accessories, apparel, and cards for Knock ‘em Downs, one of the games featured in the GlucoBoy.


One Response to “Diabetes Management on the DS!”

  1. Lisa
    5. December 2007 at 21:58

    Hello, This is a great tool for kids. They should do more with this. It makes it Just a bit easier to get our young children and teenagers to check their sugar levels!

    Right on! Smiles, Lisa