Mythbusters Update

Bad news — tonight’s episode was dedicated to airplane myths, but none of them had anything to do with a plane on a conveyor belt.

Next week’s episode is a Holiday Special, but the TiVo listings claim it’s a repeat. There’s another episode next week on the schedule that takes myths from an on-line poll. That might be likely, too.

Stay tuned, and keep your DVRs recording. . .

(And perhaps more exciting: They’re working on a MacGyver special!)

Update: Producers have responded on-line. The episode has been rescheduled for the end of January now. ::sigh::

2 thoughts on “Mythbusters Update

  1. Disappointing to have that delayed, but a month isn’t too bad.

    They’ve been doing MacGyver “mini-myths” during the commercial breaks for a couple weeks now — just little 20-30 second things about “can you replace a blown fuse with a gum wrapper,” “can you plug an acid leak with a chocolate bar.” Easily missable if you happen to be skipping over the commercials on DVR. Should be really cool to have them have a go at some more extensive MacGyver tricks.

  2. I did catch the MacGyver mini-myth about chocolate in this week’s episode. That was really cool. Thankfully, I wasn’t using the TiVo, so I didn’t use the 30 Second Skip button and miss it completely. =)

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