American Idol 7 – South Carolina Try-Outs

American Idol logoI briefly toyed with the notion of liveblogging American Idol. Once I realized that it meant sitting through commercials, though, I gave up on the idea. Instead, I typed as I watched off the DVR. So this one might feel a little different.

Tonight’s commentary was taped before a live DVR recording. . .

Let’s move onto Charleston, then, and see how long it takes before people are doing that dance. . . (They didn’t. Holy cow!)

Raysharde Henderson: Fro Man. The Black Clay Aiken. Possible just as gay. Belongs on Broadway. Simon thought he was going to do a magic trick in the middle of the song. Simon called it “1970s Cruise Chip Cabaret.” That’s the first time this season he whipped that comparison out.

DeAnna Prevatte – Slapping her chest. On her knees. Screaming. Warbling out of key. Yes, there is sexuality in rock and roll, isn’t there? She’s just an angry waitress. “Little tiger,” Simon called her. Sadly, she can’t sing.

AI Msg BoardCouple: He gives out pointers? Do as I say, not as I do, I guess. THey didn’t really give her a chance to sing, though, did they?

Then there was the huge guy with a tie around his head, and his twin-looking sister. They’re not Gnarles Barkley. But they both made it through.

Ooh, a MacBook Air commercial.

Wow, they took a camera man to the hospital with the pregnant couple. Sadly, their MapQuest Directions weren’t great.

TinTin sang, with orange hair and a Clay Aiken glasses look.

Amy Catherine Flynn — FINALLY! A teenager is on the show. She’s a cheerleader. She’s cute. And she’s a committed virgin. Great. Find another cliche, IDOL.

Then she spoke. “Like like like like like” is not “said.”

Then she sang. She’s weak, but she shows promise. Give it a couple years of training, and she’ll be there. Her Thumbs Up in reaction to Paula’s “yes” was really cute and no doubt in violation of Roger Ebert’s trademark. Randy thinks she has “Mad Potential.” But she’s not going to make it.

We’re still in the hospital with the contestant’s wife.

London Weidberg took care of her father when he came down with cancer. She’s a professional singer. She’s got the chops. Put her through.

Day Two:

Paula has arm warmers on. Where are those Go Fug Yourself girls when we need them? Must check blog tomorrow.

Lyndsey Goodman. Air Force pilot. Looks a little like Angelina Jolie. Must be the lips. Cool plane. Wow, I like that voice. One bad transition, but great tone and control. And power. No showmanship at all. Wow, they gave her a no. =(

Aretha Codner has huge boobs. That’s all you need to know about her. Baby also has back. Little head, though. She’s a Rob Liefeld drawing come to life, isn’t she? And Simon isn’t being nice to her. Ouch. This is the meanest Simon has been this season, though it’s still far from his previous shenanigans. I love her soliloquy after being rejected.

I wonder how that pregnant lady is doing? Oh, she’s coming up after the break.

TMBG singing “NO.” Whoo-hoo! Best montage of the season!

They got the baby to the auditions the next day?!? They let the baby leave the hospital that quickly?!? They’re MAD!

Oliver Highman: Good voice, but he looks like a Dilbert character. He has a falsetto. He oversang everything. We’ll talk about “melisma” soon enough in thsi blog.

Kid’s name is “Emma Grace.” And she meets the judges as Oliver goes home.

The show then ran over by a minute or two.

Finally, 23 people go through to Hollywood. One brought his dog with him. Hunh. I guess sometimes a prop can be ignored and you can go through to Hollywood.

Next week: Omaha, Nebraska.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new and hopefully regular VandS segment: Viewer Mail!

3 thoughts on “American Idol 7 – South Carolina Try-Outs

  1. Fun fact: maternity stays in hospitals are something like 8 hours now. So yeah, having a kid then getting in line the next day with the kid in tow is within reason (albeit incredibly dumb for all involved).

  2. I’m betting the “going into labor” was at the cattle call, days or weeks before they showed up with the baby and went in front of Randy, Paula and Simon.

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