Baby’s First dSLR

Baby’s First dSLR, originally uploaded by AugieDB.

Finally pulled the trigger:

Don’t look at this pic too closely. I shot it with the 50mm, too high an ISO, not lit brightly enough, and with an aperture that needed to be closed a little more. Maybe a tripod. Ack, screw it. It’s the web. Who’s ever going to look that closely?

2 thoughts on “Baby’s First dSLR

  1. Congrats, Augie. Looking forward to seeing your new pics. I just bought the Nikon D80, and I’m thinking of picking up a 50mm f/1.8 for it, so let us know how you like using that lens.

  2. Thanks, Ethan. So far, only one new photo up on Flickr — my obnoxiously pretensious self-portrait I used in testing the focus on the bigger lens. The 50mm f/1.8, though, is a joy to use. I tested it out with my nieces the other day. It’s magical.

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