Compiling Twitter Posts of the Last Week

Once again, here are some random quick thoughts from the last week that I want to archive for eternity.  Follow me at Twitter to catch them all.

  • In the case of a Dance War, I’m afraid nobody wins. (A full post on this topic to come later today. Stay tuned.)
  • Gave the new SLR its first real workout today. Now importing 3 GBs of photos. Let’s see how well RAW works on this machine. . .
  • Oh, yeah, need to clear off A LOT of room on the hard drive to handle this many pictures.
  • Everything they say is true: Camera RAW files do take forever to import, compared to JPGs.
  • So we were moving on to the last disc of VERONICA MARS Season 3 only to discover that we had just seen the finale. NOOOOO!
  • Stats count: I’m following 21 people on Twitter. 103 people are following me. I’ve Tweeted 1060 times, counting this one.
  • @jbacardi – I kinda liked Papyrus when I first saw it. And then I saw it EVERYWHERE and now I hate it. Bring on TRAJAN! ;-)
  • GH3 – Medium – Bonus Songs – “Radio Song” by Superbus – 100%. Go me. Up next: “Ruby” (Didn’t make it, but did miss only one lousy note on that Stone Roses “She Bangs the Drum.” See the video here.)
  • GH3: Playing “Knights of Cydonia” without first mastering hammer-ons is enough to make your eyes tear up and left hand cramp badly.
  • GH3: Whoo-hoo! 100% on Easy level for Rock And Roll All Nite. (So easy that I didn’t even take a pic of the screen like I usually do for such an accomplishment.)
  • Scored 100% on “My Name Is Jonas” again. Whoo-hoo! GH3 FTW!
  • The creator of Clam Shell packaging ought to be dragged to the gallows.
  • Am so far behind on comics that I decided to spend an hour catching up – and wound up reading Kraven’s Last Hunt. Only 22 more years to go.
  • Almost Live Blogged American Idol, but then realized it would mean sitting through commercials. No thanks.

6 thoughts on “Compiling Twitter Posts of the Last Week

  1. Oh yes, the Clam Shell package. I saw the funniest thing in the stores over the holidays. A store was selling the Package Shark, which is one of those “As seen on TV” items that is supposed to open Clam Shells more easily. The ironic part that it was packaged in a Clam Shell.

  2. At least the Veronica Mars disc six had the Season Four teaser. It was nice to know the future of the character and makes the cancellation a little easier to take.

  3. Josh –

    Where’d you find that clam shell opener? My wife has been after me to get one, but I don’t want to have to bother ordering it… I’d rather just run to a store.

  4. Finally caught up on Kraven’s Last Hunt ???? Ooopseeee.. waited too long – ONE MORE DAY just made it completely invalid .. sorry ! Thank you Joe Quesada !

    As for “Veronica Mars” Season 3 – it had it’s up & downs as far as I’m concerned, but the last 10 minutes or so .. her character falling back into old misfit Veronica rather than “big girl on Campus” Veronica which she had become – was a real return to the roots of the character – which made me even sadder at the demise of the show. It’s obvious now that the whole “going to college” thing just killed the show, and proof in the pudding is how ONE TREE HIll on the same network WISELY avoided that trap by saying “oh yeah, 4 years have passed” ( for the record – I have never, and will never watch – ONE TREE HILL ).

  5. As for the Veronica Mars “possible season 4” promo’s – it seemed fun, but I didn’t buy it at all for the character. As smart as she was – I don’t see her as a “by the book” kinda gal – and I think initially, at least for starting off – they want that type of person. I would have much rather seen her work as a consultant for a security firm or even as a private detetive like her dad was.

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