American Junior on American Idol

juniors1.pngWho could tonight’s American Junior be? Judging by the brief snippet we saw on IDOL last night, we know only that it’s a blonde teenage girl. That only eliminates one of the people in this picture. And this is also assuming it’s one of the finalists.

I hope it’s not Lucy Hale. She was the one with the most singing talent, but she couldn’t dance worth a lick and she was noticeably older than the rest of the group. I’d hate to think she grew up to be a total airhead.

Two of the finalists in the group were twins, as I recall. (Whoops. They were sisters, but not twins.  Thanks, Shelle, for the comment.) I guess we’ll see who it is tonight.

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5 thoughts on “American Junior on American Idol

  1. FYI, Lucy Hale has been acting – she played Jamie’s younger sister on Bionic Woman this past fall. That might have made it a bit difficult to get to an audition.

  2. Darn Jeff, you beat me to it. I was just about to post the same thing about Lucy.

  3. Two of the girls were sisters, not twins. Either of them could be the obnoxious airhead.

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