American Idol 7 – Miami Try-Outs

Before we begin, a quick YouTube link: Making the American Idol Crop Circle. You saw it in Omaha Tuesday night.

Also, thanks to the Jeff (who just beat Josh) for pointing out in yesterday’s American Juniors-related post that Lucy Hale had a regular role on BIONIC WOMAN this season. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

juliedubela.jpgIn fact, the American Junior in Miami was Julie Dubela, who has a website at Be careful — she starts singing as soon as you load up that page. And even that recording sounds a little weak.

But, yeah, she’s grown up thinking she’s the next star without anyone ever telling her she’s NOT all that. And it’s a big giant ugly blotch against the Red Sox that they’d ask her to perform the National Anthem for them so many times. She probably did them a favor by going to Miami instead of the game.

She also sang at a Rudy Guliani fundraiser last year. Now he’s withdrawn from the race. Coincidence? (Yeah, probably. She sang at the Patriots/Giants game and the Pats still won.)

She’s a professional Star Spangled Banner singer, basically. I’m sure she has every note of that song down pat. She should have gone with that one. It worked for a contestant in Season One. (A.J. or R.J. or E.J. or one of those guys. . .)

You can check out many of those performances on her YouTube Channel. Yes, she has one of those, too. God bless the internet. You’ll also see her appearance on “America’s Most Talented Kids” there. So she’s a reality TV child star of some sort. I wonder if this IDOL appearance will show up on YouTube next. Probably will. I doubt she’ll link to it, though.

But now I have “One Step Closer to Heaven” stuck in my head. And “Rainy Days and Mondays,” which sounded a lot better coming from her four years ago than her song did in Miami last summer.

Her website, by the way, hasn’t been updated to mention this appearance on IDOL.

The show opened with an homage to MIAMI VICE, a series that aired before many of the auditioners were even born. Yes, just like DALLAS a couple of weeks ago.

Shannon McGough, 18, was the first contestant. She comes from a family with a meat market. But her father’s t-shirt looked to include the dreaded comic sans font on it, so you knew there was trouble. But she was young and cute and they did a whole video package on her, so I had hopes. Then she opened her mouth and screamed through the audition.

Lke Julie, she was DESTROYED.

Robbie Carrico went from boy band to rocker and, with this audition, back to boy band. It was a bad song for an audition: terribly monotone and repetitive. He never opened his eyes. But he made it through to Hollywood. It may have been repetitive, but it was solidly sung.

First Simon quote of the night to a failed contestant: “Nobody will ever pay you to perform. Never.”

Ghaleb Emachah (my handwriting is sloppy, so my apologies if I got that wrong) claims to be 27, but looks about 35. He’s from Argentina. I’m reminded of Mariano Rivera, who I think still claims he’s about 29. Ditto El Duque. Baseball players from the islands are notorious for shaving years off their birth certificates on the way over to play ball in the States. I think Ghaleb might be in that club. He sang too fast and his accent was too thick, but they put him through.

Simon’s quote for Ghaleb: “I would like you if I was drunk.”

Corliss Smith and Britanny Wescott are BFFs of great mass. They sandwiched Ryan on the holding room, and smothered the judges after they made it through. I think Britanny is the better singer of the two. (She sang to Simon.) Corliss was a little too Broadway, but could still sing.

Suzanne Toon is a single mother, because we haven’t had one of those on the show in a couple of episodes. And it’s very trendy these days, anyway. She sounded nervous in the audition, but I’m sure she’ll loosen up and do better in Hollywood.

Day Two started off with a Barenaked Ladies song playing in the background. Cool. First TMBG. Now BNL. What’s next week? Weezer?

Syesha Mercado, 20, has a rehabbed druggie father who she loves. And she believes in the power of positive attraction. She didn’t refer to it by any specific trademarkable name, but you know she saw that episode of OPRAH. She sang “Freedom” in a very shouty way, but there was enough talent underneath that desperate shout for help to put her through to Hollywood.

Natasha Blanc we only saw briefly, singing “At Last.” She could actually carry a melody, which is a rare thing this season. She wasn’t just shouting. Thankfully, she made it through.

Next Simon quote of the night: “Grant, I’m tempted to say come back in a dress.”

Fabienne Hyppolite sang with one finger in her ear, like an old time radio star. She didn’t sound good through either ear, though.

Brandon Black wrapped things up as the joker of the show, looking like someone who made a wrong turn on his way to a Diddy All White party. He was a joke. Skip past him.

17 people went through. Atlanta comes up next.

3 thoughts on “American Idol 7 – Miami Try-Outs

  1. For Corliss & Brittney – as a “larger than life” person – I’m AMAZED that they agreed to participate in that 2fatgirls1ryan sketch they did. I’m all for positive thinking about yourself no matter what body type – but did they realize that Fox was laughing at them, not with ?

    Shame on Fox !

  2. Sally Ann – Nope. They give the number at the end of the show, but not the names. That’s where I’m getting the number from. I think they do briefly show all the contestants who made it through, though.

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