Super Bowl Notes

The most amazing part of the Super Bowl this year is that Twitter survived it. I didn’t see a single slow down or meltdown of their new servers.

The best performance of the game was Jordin Sparks’ National Anthem. It was clean, controlled, and sounded great. One of the best, I think.

The commercials were a big letdown this year, though Andy Ihnatko must have wet himself when Charlie Brown beat Stewie to the Coke bottle. Overall, Coke beat Pepsi in the commercials race. Pepsi is still the superior drink.

I thought UnderArmour’s commercial looked impressive, though it was a bit corny.

Oh, yeah, and the Giants won the greatest Super Bowl game of my lifetime. I’m a Giants fan since birth, though, so you’ll have to forgive me on this one.

I admit that I thought they were the worst team in the playoffs this year, and didn’t think they’d make it past the second round. But the more I watched them in the post-season, the more interesting they became, and the better they played. And “The Big Game” was really super this year for it.

I had a busy weekend here at Why don’t you go back and catch up on all the weekend reading? I’ll be back tomorrow with the traditional DVD release list. Please, leave your questions in Sunday’s thread for this Friday’s response post. I can’t write one without your questions!

But one last SuperBowl game to play: Name all the TV shows that had special episodes after the game. I can think of FRIENDS, ALIAS, GRAY’S ANATOMY, and HOUSE. I want to guess THE SIMPSONS, too, but I can’t guarantee it. What other shows had big spots post-game?

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  1. CRIMINAL MINDS was last season. And did CLERKS: THE CARTOON premiere after the Super Bowl or did it just get an advertising push during the game?

  2. I congratulate the Giants on pulling off one hell of an upset. It was an exciting game, and I was hoping they’d knock off Brady and Bellichek, but I didn’t think they’d do it.

    Of course, I still wish the Packers had actually decided to play against the Giants in the conference game; their performance was pitiful, and the better team definitely deserved to be in the Super Bowl.

  3. I’m pretty sure that both King of the Hill and Family Guy both had premieres after the Super Bowl. Family Guy even had Peter at the Super Bowl with John Madden and Pat Summerall.

    And Alias was the best one. Not only did it have Sydney taking down SD-6 halfway through the season, but it started off with Jennifer Garner in an orange bra and panties. Grrrrrrrreat!

  4. that one with James Brolin where they were mountain rescue workers, don’t recall the name

  5. Congrats to your team Augie. I am a die hard Redskins fan myself, so the Giants are always one of those teams I don’t like, but they outplayed the Pats. I had a feeling the game would go one of two ways, the Pats would blow the Giants out, or if the Giants kept things close, they’d win. And sure enough, the Giants brought the fight and pulled it off. And seeing the Pats get knocked off their high and mighty horse, even if ti was to the Giants, felt pretty darn good. You know Archie Manning has got to be smiling today knowing he has two Super Bowl winners as sons.

    I may be mistaken, but didn’t Survivor start one of their seasons after the Super Bowl?

    Oh yeah, and here is a question for you. This is a comic related question, but here goes. I have been struggling a lot with Amazing Spider-Man. I hate with a passion what has been done in One More Day and my first instinct was to drop the title. But being the person I am, I decided to give it a shot for a couple of months. It’s ok so far, but it just isn’t MY Spider-Man. MY Spider-Man was married and that was important to me. So, the question is this. How long do you think I should give the new direction a shot?

    I guess my instinct is to collect it in hopes of a big payoff (eventually) where the repercussions of the deal with Mephisto will come around or Spider-Man is really in a Matrix-like state being held captive by the Skrulls. And darn it, I am a completionist too and it is hard for me to actually give something up and ruin my “run”, although this wouldn’t be the first time I gave up on Spider-Man.

  6. The PREMIERE of Homicide:LotS occured after a Superbowl a few years back – which was probably the last time it had ratings that it truly deserved.

  7. THE SIMPSONS did have a special episode with a lot of football players guest starring. Really wild upset by the Giants this year!

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