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  1. I don’t remember this because I was … well … two at the time, though I probably saw Star Trek IV around then which had a nice dedication at the beginning to the lost crew of the Challenger.

  2. We used to watch all of the launches in school and I remember that day very clearly. I think I was in 4th grade at the time. I remember the explosion and that our teacher looked shocked and numb and didn’t know what to do next. Hard to believe it has been 22 years now.

  3. I very much remember the Space Shuttle Diseaster. I was in college at the time and working p/t for the Student Activities office. Part of my job was to set up the student lounge for events, afternoon videos and the such. For some reason that day, we had set up the big screen so that the launch could be projected on it. In retrospect, I have NO IDEA why we happened to be doing this – while it was an “event” of sorts – the days of people partying around NASA launches was long gone.

    Suddenly – on this huge screen – the shuttle.. just exploded. Having grown up on crappy action & adventure fims – we all thought it was some kind of joke. Sadly, it wasn’t – and for next few hours we were alllocked into the tragedy that occured that day.

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