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Lost Season FourSorry it took this long to get to it, but the Mrs. and I just watched the season four premiere last night. While I saw the first season (for the second time) on DVD, I thought it looked great. That image quality is nothing compared to fresh HDTV. Wowzers. You could see the pores on everyone’s faces clearly. There were some odd effects on Hurley when he was lost in the jungle, though. I wonder if that’s a remnant of some special effect or poor lighting, or back-up film stock? I don’t know, but it was jarring.

Let’s open up the comments thread now. All spoilers through this episode are welcome. And, as always, let’s NOT discuss the coming attractions that tend to spoil too much.

My comments are after the break:

So, I’m guessing the “Oceanic Six” are the six people from the island who took off on that ship, but things went pear-shaped quickly enough that they knew enough to tell their rescuers that everyone else was dead. The events of the flash forward in this episode take place before the season-ending flash-forward. Jack hasn’t grown his beard yet, nor has he become obsessed with finding the island again.

So When did Hurley change his mind and go back to Jack on the island? I imagine he didn’t, and that he was probably falling behind the rest of the group and got picked off by the people from those awful CGI helicopters.

Jack, Kate, and Hurley got off the island, leaving three more to be seen. I wonder who?

Charlie is dead, but still around as a ghost. Ghosts were very popular on network TV not too long ago and are back on daytime soaps again. (GENERAL HOSPITAL has two of them currently appearing to only select living characters.)

Who was the black man — with the insanely great looking porous skin in HDTV — visiting Hurley in the hospital? Was he a representative of the pharma company that put The Others on the island in the first place?

What do you all think? What am I missing? We have quite the mystery to piece together.

Oh, and whatever happened to those gigantic statue of a foot we saw on the island last season? It was teased once and the producers swear they had an explanation and then — nothing. Or did I forget something already?

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  1. My guess is that the black man, name Abbaddon is working with the “Not Penny’s Boat” people. He was incredibly creepy.

    I wonder about Kate because she was a fugitive before crashing on the island. Will they explain how she’s a free woman?

    The end of Season 2 revealed the four toed statue. The producers of Lost mentioned that that will be brought back again for this season, but when is anyone’s guess.

  2. I, too, wonder about Kate. She met Jack under the cover of darkness, so it may not be public knowledge that she survived Oceanic 815. It might be that she’s not one of the “Oceanic Six.”

    I love the continuity on this show. I’m pretty sure the car that Hurley was driving during the chase scene was the one that he and his estranged dad were working on together in a previous episode.

  3. I thought this was a great opener. I still hate Jack though, he always thinks he is right (it was funny when he followed the wrong trail) and he nearly killed Locke who is one of the best characters in the show.

    The girl getting a knife in the back but being able to walk away and climb up a tree was really the only part where I groaned. But the guy dropping in at the end, was he from the “boat” or from another different group who were monitoring the radio chatter?

  4. A theory that I heard from someone else who watched it is that one of the secrets that Hurley mentioned to Jack is that Kate is not one of the Oceanic Six because they told the rescuers she was dead because of her wanted status. Somehow, they still got her off of the island.

    I thought that was a great scene between Jack and Locke. While I agree that he’s one of the best characters on the show, he’s also a selfish lunatic with blinders on, and while Jack may think he’s always right, Locke thinks the same thing.

    The foot is not the only mystery left hanging. Back in the 1st season, we met Adam and Eve. They were the two skeletons in the cave that the castaways first moved to. Whatever happened to them and why were they there?

  5. I read way too much about the show, so forgive me if I know too much.

    They’ve said Adam and Eve were shown early in the show as proof, once everything’s said and done, that they had it all planned from the beginning. I have no idea what that means, but I assume the identity of those two corpses and the white & black stones they found on them is the key to an island mystery.

    I assume the four toed statue was a similar thing. Remember that the Others (those left alive) said they were heading to the Temple or the Ruins or something when we last saw them in Season 3. I assume the same people built that place as built the statue. I’ve long had the opinion that the Island is Atlantis or Lemuria, and I figure the history of that statue will tie into that.

    I figure Kate gets amnesty or something. I can’t picture Jack and Hurley going along with some lie regarding their time on the island, and not getting tons of reasons to do so. I figure Kate getting amnesty would be a big part of that. It’s also possible she did some time and is out by the timeframe of Jack’s flash forward. That took place in April 2007, and it’s Dec 2004 on the Island right now, so she could have done as much as 2 years in the pokey.

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