New DVD Releases for 05 Feb 2008

Here we go again. But tell me this — what DVDs have you bought lately? The most recent one I laid out the cash for was MI-5 Season Four, which I’m watching right now. That same day, I bought the Barenaked Ladies’ first concert movie DVD. I’ve seen about 2/3rd of it and am enjoying it.

Lotsa notable releases this week:

  • Perfect Strangers: The Complete First and Second Season

The Release of the Week. There is no competition. Great series.

  • The Brave One

This is the Jodie Foster With A Gun movie from last fall. I remember the trailers for it. Did anyone here see it?

  • Across the Universe

This is the musical with all the Beatles songs in it.

  • The Legend of Butch and Sundance

Because Hollywood likes to stomp on its own grave. That might not be fair. It’s a TV movie, and I’m not terribly sure it’s even a direct prequel to the classic 70s movie with Redford and Newman. Go watch that one, instead. I’m sure it’s ten thousand times better.

  • The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford

It’s a Brad Pitt movie. And a western. Cool!

  • The Aristocats: Special Edition

A mostly forgettable 80s animated feature from Disney, though it included the likes of Thurl Ravenscroft (The Grinch) and Scatman Crothers (Hong Kong Fooey).

  • You’ve Got Mail: Deluxe Edition

Ah, journey back to a simpler time when people still thought AOL was useful.

9 thoughts on “New DVD Releases for 05 Feb 2008

  1. I plan on watching The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford on the plane ride home tomorrow…looking forward to it. I specifically didn’t watch on the ride over so that I would have something for the return journey.

  2. You’ve Got Mail is a special movie to my wife and I. It was the first movie we ever saw together when we were dating. And we originally met online, so there is that aspect of it. I think my old edition of it works well though, so no upgrade for me. I haven’t been spending as much money on DVDs lately, but I have been buying more Blu-ray Discs. So, most of my new purchases are on BD, unless it is a movie that is only on HD DVD, then I’m waiting for its eventual BD release. I’ll only buy a DVD if I know it is something I want right now and it may not be coming to BD for a long time.

  3. Actually, The Aristocats was released in 1970. Just for the sake of accuracy.

  4. Last movie I bought was Zodiac Director’s Cut.

    Last DVD I bought was Meerkat Manor Season 1, to watch while I force myself to exercise on the new recumbant bike I got for Xmas.

    The Jesse James movie is long and slow. It’s an acting showcase film, in my opinion, and nothing more. I didn’t think much of the movie itself.

    Netflixing The Brave One, since I missed it in the theaters.

  5. “You’ve Got Mail is a special movie to my wife and I. It was the first movie we ever saw together when we were dating.”

    Aw, “When Harry Met Sally” was like that for me and my ex-wife as well. Good times.

  6. last night i bought ‘what a girl wants’ because i’m kind of lame like that. ansd for under $5, i decided i could live with full screen.

  7. I saw “The Brave One” in the theaters. Without spoiling anything, it was an okay movie right up until the end when a character does something that totally goes against what we’ve learned about him/her for the whole movie. That bugged me enough to say that the movie wasn’t that great as a whole, then.

    And I’ve still yet to watch that BNL DVD. Keep watching for the Ships and Dip III DVD, though — it should be out within a month or two. Just got back from that cruise — another excellent week. And there’s a good chance that I’ll be in the background of some shots, since I had seats in the 2nd row for the final concert.

    Yes, I’m rubbing it in. :)

  8. Phil – without spoiling the end of “The Brave One” – as good as the film was .. it was RUINED by the ending & did not fit in the spirit of the rest of the film. I half suspect, that the studio tested the EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT HAPPENED ending, and dumb-ass test groups opted for the safe Hollywood ending instead. It was so out of touch with the rest of the film, that it ruined what could have been great.

    As for BNL – I don’t get the appeal of them, never have. Maybe because of Canadian content regulations making them pap forcefed down our throats on Canuck radio every 5th song – who knows. All I know, is that they’re much more popular outside of Canada, than within.

    Ironically – Blue Rodeo – an AMAZING Canuck group – is super popular here, but nary a whisper of them is heard outside our borders.

  9. I’m kinda interested in The Aristocats just because it’s the first time I think the movie has ever been released in the theatrical aspect ratio (certainly the first time on dvd.). All previous editions, unless I’m mistaken, were pan & scan.

    Pretty much on the money about the movie, though. Classic Disney animation at its worst is still entertaining (I make no such claim about certain modern cheapquels). Shoot, even The Black Cauldron has its moments (mostly of unintentional hilarity, but still). Though there is nothing really revolutionary about Aristocats, it is a familiar story executed with entertaining characters (the throwaways get the biggest laughs) and some quite excellent musical numbers.

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