Your Questions, Answered #3: TV and Poker

Paul C is the questioner this week:

You still watching Lost or did it start to slip by you? I’d recommend you check it out again if you gave up on it as the fourth series premiere the other night was one of the strongest episodes yet in my opinion.

Paul posted this on Sunday. I posted the LOST thread the next day. Timing is everything.

Do you get much time for watching TV in general? Any shows you follow on a regular basis (apart from reality shows like Idol)?

I really don’t have much time for TV anymore. I watch TV with my wife for a couple hours each night, at most, and that’s it. After that, she goes to bed (school teacher), and I stay up to play video games, blog, read comics, and watch the occasional DVD.  It’s my Boy Time, and it keeps me sane and productive.

Here’s what I wind up watching on a regular basis, then: The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency (season finale next week!), American Idol, Lost, One Tree Hill (I’m in and out on this one), General Hospital (maybe an episode a week at this point), Kitchen Confidential (is this back on the air now?  I need to check.), Don’t Forget The Lyrics (as back-up when nothing else is on), MI-5 (on DVD, maybe an episode or two a week). . . Wow, I’m blanking already. I should probable fire up the DVR to see what’s on there and what’s coming up. Hold on.

Dance War is on there, but we’re not watching Dancing With The Stars these days. (Not that it’s on at the moment.) So You Think You Can Dance is must-watching in the summer. Big Brother starts next week, so we’ll be adding that. America’s Next Top Model starts up again soon.

Yeah, I pretty much don’t watch anything scripted anymore, do I?  Not a single sit-com. No even SCRUBS.  I fell behind and had no time.  Sad.

Are you still playing poker/cards? If so, do you prefer playing online or with a group of real people? Also what’s the worst bad beat you have ever had?

That reminds me — I have to check GSN to see when The World Poker Tour is starting up this season. Nevermind. I just did. Nothing yet.

Honestly, though, I haven’t played poker in months, and I haven’t followed it on TV since probably last summer. The last time I really got into it was that month I was unemployed and home all day, last May. I finished out the WPT season and saw some Poker After Dark, but I haven’t even watched that in months.

Worst beat? Someone caught a King high straight flush against my two pair once. That was painful. That’s about all I can remember at this point.

I prefer playing with friends in the real world. On-line seems fake, somehow. The real thrill and challenge is in dealing face-to-face with people. Not that I can read people or anything. . .

Thanks for your questions this week, Paul.

Who’s next? Ask any and all of your questions below and I’ll answer them next Friday.

Stay tuned this weekend for a couple of link dumps. I’ve got a bunch of ’em.

9 thoughts on “Your Questions, Answered #3: TV and Poker

  1. Have you read anything about how they are doing big Brother this season? I am VERY interested to see how it goes. I wonder if since they are competing as duos if the season will be much shorter.

  2. Since I realized I posted this in the wrong topic last week, I’ll repost here!

    This is a comic related question, but here goes. I have been struggling a lot with Amazing Spider-Man. I hate with a passion what has been done in One More Day and my first instinct was to drop the title. But being the person I am, I decided to give it a shot for a couple of months. It’s ok so far, but it just isn’t MY Spider-Man. MY Spider-Man was married and that was important to me. So, the question is this. How long do you think I should give the new direction a shot?

    I guess my instinct is to collect it in hopes of a big payoff (eventually) where the repercussions of the deal with Mephisto will come around or Spider-Man is really in a Matrix-like state being held captive by the Skrulls. And darn it, I am a completionist too and it is hard for me to actually give something up and ruin my “run?, although this wouldn’t be the first time I gave up on Spider-Man.

  3. Thanks Augie. Spooks/MI-5 is usually pretty decent. You should try getting back into Scrubs, the last series was pretty good with a few surprise cliffhangers in it. Plus the next one is the final series. I’d recommend My Name Is Earl & 30 Rock too. I’ve found there isn’t all that much comedy on TV at the minute, I usually have to make do with re-runs of both the British & American Whose Line Is It Anyway?, not that that is a bad thing.

    Yeah real-life poker is much more fun. My local pub holds a tourney every Sunday night and there is definitely a much better atmosphere and banter, online is just dull. Ouch, that King high straight flush must have been painful. Mine would have to be when I was short stacked, went in with pocket 10s, the chip leader called with pocket 9s but the community ended up 10 9 3 K 9. He was the damn dealer too!

  4. Josh – Don’t have an answer for you on that one. I know very little, partly by design. I flipped through their pics (pink haired man, eh?) and saw the gist of the theme, and that’s it. I guess we’ll have to wait for next week to see how they’re running it.

    Josh – I think we have our first question for next week’s Q&A.

    Everyone else — I NEED MORE QUESTIONS! Thanks.

  5. Alright, I’ll ask you the same question they asked Conan: What is best in life?

  6. Josh – Screw it. I’m going to answer your question in Pipeline this week. I wanted to write about this over there, anyway, and now you’ve given me the lead-in. Thanks!

    Paul – I hear the finale of SCRUBS might be direct-to-DVD, if they can’t get it on air due to the Writer’s Strike, which might theoretically be ending tonight.I would definitely watch that, even if I miss the entirety of this season. Maybe I’ll get to those DVDs at some point. Who knows?

    Having a regular tourney is important for poker, I think. Playing it just every now and then becomes more a distraction than a fun thing. I’m jealous of you.

    Ezekiel – I’ll need four or five more days to puzzle that one out. I’ll go with it on Friday.

    Anyone else? QUESTIONS!

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