iPhone Rumors Galore

Apple Logo$100 price drop on iPhones and iPods coming in the next two months | 9 to 5 Mac

We just got a tip that Apple is planning on dropping the prices again on the iPhone and iPod line within the next month or two – perhaps at the late February event, perhaps as late as mid-April. Our tipster says that Apple will drop the prices $100 on both the iPod Touch and iPhone lines.Also, the 8Gb iPod Touch will be dropped from the lineup according to the source.

My favorite story of the weekend remains the one about 3G never happening – AT&T just bought a huge chunk of the spectrum at the auction and will instead offer more wireless access across the country with it. With that, there’s no need to spend more money on 3G, though (contrary to the rumor) AT&T is working on that, too. Confusing, but fun to theorize.

Don’t forget the other rumor about the upgrade touchpad MacBook Pros being announced on Tuesday.